Eating Competition Updates

Well, it’s here – tomorrow – San Jose’s Joey Chestnust defends his possession of “Thnathans olde Mustard Belt” against arch-rival Takeru Kobayashi of Japan at the annual 4th of July Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest.    They apparently tried their best to psyce each other out at the weigh-in yesterday, which couldn’t accentuate their differences more – Chestnut coming in at 219 and Kobayashi at a mere 132.    Always fun to watch, tiny Sonya Thomas (the “Black Widow” )  will hopefully be among the 18 other competitors.  Chestnust last year devoured 59 3/4 dogs.    As always, the event, which starts @ 12 noon EDT, will be televised on ESPN.    This is a real sport, people!

Dates have been announced fkrystal square offor the annual 2009 World Hamburger Eating Contest (the “Krystal Square Off”), for September 27 in Chattanooga.   Chestnut and Kobayashi again, of course.   The rules committee has announced changes that promise to make this the most “exciting event ever.”    They used some fancy words in the new rules announcement.  I believe the upshot of it is that you’re not allowed to hurl at the end.  Thank god for small favors!

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