It’s Stuffin’ Time

With the advent of harvest time nearly upon us, I start to plan out my canning strategy, which will be tomatoes, beans, and peppers this year.  It’s also the time I cure olives, as the fresh ones startsausage cookbook getting harvested in September, and I have to remember to place my order!  I forgot last year, but we still have a couple jars left from two years ago.   And of course, it’s time to make wieners and sausage, so just ordered casings and cure from Lem Products.   They have stuffers, smokers, grinders, seasonings, anything you could possibly want if you are going to try making sausage at home.   They also have some basic cookbooks and primers (pictured)  as well as DVDs to help you out.    I have a free compilation of 50+ sausage recipes I picked up somewhere, I’ll send you if you email me.

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