Palatine, IL – Palatine Inn

It’s not the Billy Goat (someone already posted about), but then nothing in Chicago is.   But Chicago is full of good burgers, and one of the few, if not only, places I have ever been that serves the “Queen Burger” virtually everywhere.   Too lazy to look up the origin, I am going to take a stab here at saying the Queen Burger is so named because it is covered with a mound of sliced (queen size) green olives,  one of my three favorite things in the world to eat.

This one, at the Palatine Inn (not worth seeking out, but worth stopping in  if you are nearby, Palatine is a NW suburb about 25 miles out of Chicago), was done perfectly as requested,  medium rare,  served dry, with tomato, lettuce and pickle on the side.   They will offer you a choice of self-applied condiments.

Bonus?   Pickle, sure.  And? (drumroll).   Free Matzo ball soup!

pataline inn


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