Portland, OR – Hot Dog Round Up

Places to check out:

Wayne’s Chicago Red Hots – 3901 NE MLK
SuperDog – 1438 SW Park Avenue, 1033 SW 6th Avenue
Franks-A-Lot – 2845 E Burnside
Taste of New York – SW Alder between 9th and 10th
Zach’s Shack – 4611 SE Hawthorne
Nick’s Famous Coney Island – 3746 SE Hawthorne Blvd
Otto’s Sausage Kitchen – 4138 SE Woodstock Blvd
Edelweiss – 3119 SE 12th St
Gartners Country Meats – 7450 NE Killingsworth
Michael’s Italian Beef & Sausage – SE Sandy & Burnside

3 comments to “Portland, OR – Hot Dog Round Up”
3 comments to “Portland, OR – Hot Dog Round Up”
  1. Hi there,
    So glad to make your hot dog round up. Just want to make sure that you have our URL. Also, the name of the business is SuperDog. If you will update the name for us, that’s fantastic.

    Ellen at SuperDog

  2. Hullo! We’re pretty new to the SW 5th & Stark lot and would like to introduce ourselves.
    We’re run by the same folks as Brunch Box. They’d been serving delicious hotdogs since March, but recently moved their stock over here. The hot dogs we serve are only 7″ but are All-beef, $2, and simple.
    Hope to see you around sometime!

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