Variations on a Burger – Goulash

I’m making goulash today, that catch-all term to desribe a thousand different dishes in the US and nothing resembling the original in Hungary. My version is the one I was exposed to growing up in the Upper Midwest, which is basically just a variation of my bolognaise over elbow pasta. My basic for this is browned ground beef, onions, garlic, celery or seasonall (which I have), sometimes some fennel, red wine, diced romas. If I’m expecting company for my “real bolognaise” I make it all from scratch, but lately I have developed an affinity for canned spaghetti sauce of all things, the less expensive the better. My favorite is Contadina Pizza Sauce, which, for some reason here, I can only find in mini marts. Do you have a kick-ass goulash recipe? Care to share?

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