Ilwaco, WA – Off Road and Off Topic

Out in the middle of nowhere, at the south end of “the longest beach in the U.S.” (27 miles, I was told), and on a boardwalk of a fishing pier and marina, where one should be politically correct and eating at a raw bar or right off the boat, stands the “Tuscany Cafe,” a haven of Southern Italian and other cuisine. With a menu that covers the gamut from salads, to pasta entrees, it was worth a stop, and an occasion where I broke far too much bread for a noonday meal (and what a bread it was!)

All entrees were proceeded by an interesting, refreshing mixed green salad dotted with berries.
My companions all opted for fried oysters with creamy dill aioli sauce and Gorgonzola potatoes, and I was torn between spaghetti and meatballs, or rigatoni with sausage. Upon inquiry, they made the meatballs in house, but not the sausage. However, with spaghetti, as is my habit, I knew more of it would end up on my shirt than in my gullet, so I went fpr the rigatoni and “persuaded” the server to throw a meatball on the plate.

Bottom line, was all of the food was superb, not too spendy, and service was good enough. The good meal was only made better by Uncle Wayne picking up the tab! Thanks, Wayne and Lynne!

(Ok, it’s really not off topic, since sausage was involved!) (And p.s. great views of the marina if you sit in the front of the cafe!)

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