Los Angeles, CA – Galco’s Soda Pop Stop

The other day I raved about the root beer I had at a local brewpub, and it got me thinking about this great place I went to in suburban Los Angeles a couple years ago, Galco’s Old World
Grocery in Glendale. If you’ve been craving a soda pop from your past, chances are pretty good Galco’s has it in stock. Some of the great ones I picked up last time were root beer from the Berghoff (Chicago), Dog & Suds Root Beer, Sioux City Sasparilla, Frostie Blue Cream Soda, Imported Coca Cola (cane sugar),Bubble Up, Big Red. Over 450 varieties they claim, plus vintage candies as well, like Beeman’s and Black Jack Gums, and Bit-o-Honeys. If you can’t get to Glendale, this ship as well, here’s a link to on-line shopping.

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