Seattle, WA – Beecher’s Handmade Cheese

Another place I did not get to go in, I was there too early in the morning, Beecher’s would have probably been a money sink-hole for me, as I do love specialty cheeses.

According to their website:  “In the heart of Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market people press their noses against the windows at Beecher’s Handmade Cheese to witness a vat of creamy white milk transformed by the expert hands of the cheesemaker. They watch as curds materialize from the milk, and then knit together to create a fine artisanal cheese. Although he is aided in the process by simple machinery, the cheesemaker is crafting cheese using the same techniques that have been used for 5,000 years.”

Mmmmmm.  Well, I got to witness the giant vat (below), and the milk truck pumping it full of fresh millk.

Their prices seem a little spendy in the online catalog, but to me, great cheese is well worth the price!

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cheese 1


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