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New Orleans, LA – La Peniche (Review)


(From our travel archives) Snuggled betwixt the Quarter and the Marigny at the intersection of Dauphine and Touro, if one wants to “float their boat” for all night dining, La Peniche (French for “large barge”) can satisfy most of what ails ya.

Open 24/7, (other than their own “weekend,” which lasts from Tuesday afternoon til Thursday morning), LP serves good ole comfort food to everyone from drag queens to district attorneys, nattily-dressed businessmen to neighborhood denizens, or simply the late night crowd shoveling carbs in on top of the night’s alcoholic beverage consumption.

There are those that go for the half pound burger – or the chicken fried steak – or traditional red beans, but me, I like the option of having breakfast 24/7 – and they make a mean one.

It’s become my replacement “breakfast home,” since the untimely demise of the Humming Bird (*sniff*).

The aforementioned burgers come in different combinations with generous toppings – whether your preference is a traditional bacon/cheese, or something more avant garde, like blue cheese, or ham, swiss, and onions.

If you’re in breakfast mode, try one of their spectacular omelets or waffles with peanut butter and pecans.

La Peniche features a half dozen or more homemade dessert specials daily, all priced at $3.00, I believe. As regular readers know, I’m not a “dessert guy,” but those of you who are, will love these ample, creative servings of the sweet stuff.

La Peniche is located at 1940 Dauphine St., New Orleans, (504) 943-1460 .

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New Orleans, LA – Castleburgers


One of the 24/7 munchie palaces in New Orleans is a local chain called “Tastee Donuts.” Hardly a chain, anymore, I had a hard time finding an open location, all my usual Tastees were boarded up.

In addition to delicious donut thingies, Tastee also serves “Castleburgers”, a complee schnock off of White Castles/Krystal, no different than Krystal, only difference I know between them and White Castle is the patties don’t have holes in them.

So I stopped in and wolfed down a couple today. Tastee makes some damned tasty burgers. Only open location I could find was the one on Esplanade, near Mid City.

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