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Home Cookin’ – 7-Eleven Frozen Pizza, Test 3


7-Eleven Frozen Pizza, Unbaked

7-Eleven Frozen Pizza, Unbaked

Is the third time a charm? Perhaps. After 2 uneven results, I decided to make a third attempt at making 7-Eleven’s frozen Self-Rising Crust Pizza at home.

At $5.99 for 29 ounces, this is a solid value proposition, compared with other frozen pies. The Supreme comes topped with Italian sausage, pepperoni, peppers, onion, black olives, a cheese blend, garlic and oregano.

7-Eleven’s pies are made by Chicago’s “Great Kitchens, Inc.,” the largest manufacturer of take and bake pizzas in the country. In addition to 7-Eleven, they supply Wal-Mart, Costco, Trader Joe’s and others, according to various press releases found online today.

Out of the box, the pie resembles most any frozen offerings at similar price points.  A nominal quantity of toppings is included.  Following the instructions, I preheated at 425, and baked the pie directly on the center rack for 20 minutes.

The result is seen below.  The instructions advise letting it sit for a moment or two before slicing, and that I did, and it worked out better, one supposes, than cutting it right out of the oven.

The pie has a little more ‘kick’ to it than the pepperoni and cheese ones I have sampled in the past.  This is probably due to a slight variation in the sauce recipe, or residual effect from the peppers and onions, though it did not seem that localized to me.

Would I buy it again?  Sure.  It’s convenient, for me, as 7-Eleven is a short walk, and although both they, and a competing mart across the street carry “name brand” pies, at $5.99 7-Eleven’s is a full two bucks cheaper.

And that’s a good deal.


7-Eleven Frozen Supreme Pizza

7-Eleven Frozen Supreme Pizza


Home Cookin’ – 7-Eleven Pizza Retest


 Thought I would retest the home version of the 7-Eleven pizza. My last epistle on this is here.  My local guys (map) still haven’t installed the miracle multi-thousand dollar Turbo oven, which cranks these pies out in about two minutes, but they are selling the same pies to cook at home, at a price point more competitive than the other product they stock.   But then, such is the case with all of 7-Eleven’s in-house branded lines.

This is a monster pizza, in terms of weight.  It’s  of the “self-rising crust’ variety, so it is a thicker crust than I generally care for.   But what’s a mother to do when s/he wants hot pizza at 10A, and no one is delivering yet?

7-Eleven is a little more generous with their toppings than many other frozen brands, as you can see with the strategic pepperoni layout to the left. Instructions call for @ 20 minutes at 400, and I use a stone, so that intensifies the cooking process.

The cooked pepperoni shows no char or cupping, so it’s one of the better varities of  America’s favorite topping, with a low fat content.  The box boasts “made with real cheese” and they can’t say that, if it ain’t.

Looking at the corporate website, and/or grilling my local guy, I don’t know if they are making more than the three varieties I see stocked – Pepperoni, Cheese, and “Special.”   I’d personally like to see an “all meat” version, as well as a thin crust option.

But this one?  For $5, and a few minutes from home, then home, it’s worth the dough.


7-Eleven Pizza Test


I wrote about the advent of 7-Eleven pizzas a few weeks ago. I thought it seemed like a good place to get my fix, especially since it would be 1) cheap, 2) available 24 hpurs, 3) available everywhere.

At least two of those ideas turned out to be true; it’s not available at my neighborhood 7-Eleven, but then, it has just been sold, so maybe the transition is slowing things up.
I did have the opportunity to sample the product however, quite by accident, discovering an outlet that is already offering it on my way out of town the other day.

The outlet is out on NE Sandy, and I was just stopping for a morning coffee, but they had the pies out already with the counter topper screaming at me “Two Slices for $3!” “Free Big Gulp with two slices!”

I succumbed to the pitch. Well, half-way. I picked up one slice of pepperoni. It wasn’t so good, wasn’t so bad, very reminiscent of the frozen product “Tony’s”, tho this one cooked in a professional convection oven, not my 50 degree off Fridgidaire.

Ample pepperoni toppings, and yes, for 9.99 for a whole pie, at 3AM, within walking distance of my house (when that outlet puts in the oven), once and awhile, I’ll go for it. I did not try the wings or “wingettes”: the signage was in place, but not the product.

7-11  PNG3

7-11 PNG1


7-11 Flips Pizzas & Flies Wings


From Food Business News today:

DALLAS — 7-Eleven, Inc., the largest convenience store chain with 7,800 stores in North America, has launched an expanded menu of hot food items at approximately 115 stores in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The program is part of a year-long national rollout to more than 1,400 7-Eleven stores. It features the introduction of four cheese and pepperoni pizza, chicken tenders, chicken wings, breakfast sausage, egg and cheese quesadillas, and hash brown potatoes.

Prices for the products range from 79c for two hash browns to $2.99 for three chicken wings and $9.99 for a large pizza, according to the company.

(Products will be added to store by invitation only, the release goes on to say).   This will be good for me, if my local store is on board, because my Domino’s (across the street from 7-11) just closed!  Plus, 24 hours?  3 minute baking time?  Ooh la la!

7-eleven_shopfront PNG

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