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7-Eleven Fresh to Go Sandwiches Review


You know me, I love gas station sammiches.  They remind me of Las Vegas – the best and worst of America in one place at the same time. Gas station sandwiches are great because they are cheap, and relatively palatable.  They are not so great because of their nutritional aspects.

Today’s specimen is the “Fresh to Go”  “All American Foot Long Sub” from 7-Eleven in Chicagoland. “Fresh to Go” is the label 7-Eleven is slapping on their ‘fresh foods” as they transition their store content to have less of an emphasis on entirely being focused on the “junk” lines.

The sandwich is on a (longer than foot long) fresh French roll, and is packed with  ham. turke.y cheddar. genoa salami, pickles, mayonnaise, and mustard, and thankfully not a hint of lettuce.  Lettuce seems to spoil these types of culinary delights, IMHO.

7-Eleven relies on regional suppliers for their fresh foods, in the Pacific NW, where I lived for awhile due to temporary insanity, the sandwiches are made by Lufthansa’s catering arm, somewhere around Seattle.  In Chicago, the sandwiches are made by a third generation family company, HC Schau, which was purchased by an Irish purveyor called Greencore, a major supplier of prepared foods to groceries and convenience marts. Greencore has over 20 plants in the EU and US, and 11,000 employees. Greencore was established in 1991 as a spin off of the nationally owned Irish Sugar Corporation. It is now publicly held.

They could be kept really busy if they managed to grab a large share of 7-Eleven’s business, there are over 50,000 stores; over 15,000 in Japan alone, nearly twice as many as in the US.  (If you aren’t aware of it, 7-Eleven became owned by a Japanese company in the early 1990’s).

This sammich was pretty OK.  Fresh enough, and at five bucks, a pretty good deal.  The  downsides?  870 calories and 79 carbs.  Both figures are substantially more than a Big Mac. Surprised? I was.

7-Eleven Fresh to Go Sandwich

In Wrapper

7-Eleven Fresh to Go Sandwich

1/2 of Sandwich Out of Package

7-eleven fresh to go sandwiches


Portland, OR – Le Bistro Sept Onze (Cuisine d’avion)


OK, the title of the post is a joke.   The local owner of my neighborhood 7-Eleven has put a couple tables out front, and sez he is now “a bistro.”    The ‘cuisine” reference is to the point that 7-Eleven sandwiches, at least in my neighborhood, are made by LSG Sky Chefs, the catering divsion of Lufthansa.

It was a weird food day for me, I had a list of potential burger joints to check out, but I just couldn’t get motivated to try something new today, and I wasn’t in the mood to wander, so I just ambled over to see Apu at the 7-Eleven, and had a leisurely lunch of sandwich, chips, cola, and a newspaper. Just north of $5 for all, that beats fast food, and the “Italian Baguette” was really pretty good, the bread fresh, the contents (ham, salami, pepperoni, Italian dressing and pepperoncini, ample. I would have preferred more of the dressing, and less of the peppers, but for the price, coming in at about a foot long, sure beats anything available at the Subway across the street.

So I hate my sandwich, chips, drank my cola, and read the paper, marveled at the genius of Allen Neuharth, who created USA Today. A non working lunch, I guess. Someday even Burgerdogboy can’t look at one more burger. But tomorrow’s another day.

Here’s a pic of my sandwich, as well as a video commercial from LSG Sky Chefs.

7-Eleven Italian Baguette Sandwich

7-Eleven Italian Baguette Sandwich


Taste Test – 7-Eleven Cheeseburger


7-eleven_shopfront PNG
The label calls it “chopped beef steak with cheese on a bun”. This is one of 7-Eleven’s in-house offerings under their label “The Deli Market.” There is no indication on the package 7-11 burger PNGwho manufactures this item for 7-Eleven, nor could I find any reference to it online. May well be that it comes from Lufthansa, like their sandwiches, of which I have opined on previously.

Instructions on the package merely say “Keep refrigerated” and “Heat on Button 3.” Roh Roh. I’m doing this at home. Hey, 7-Eleven, what about home instructions on the package for those of us not eating in our car? Just a thought.

The package says the net weight is 6.4 oz, and my scale says the patty weighs in at 4.1 oz with the slice of cheese. I can’t say this is “pre-cooked weight” as the burger is already cooked. So that’s a plus. All of the ingredients on the label were pretty straightforward, I saw nothing to give me pause; the bun had far more additives than the meat or cheese.

Since this a refrigerated, and not frozen product, I chose not to nuke the bun, but let it warm on the counter. I guessed at the time for the burger patty, chose 45 seconds, and at that precise second in the cycle, the cheese slice started to bubble, so I took that as a sign my guess was spot on.

I dressed the burger with mustard, onion, and pickle, took a bite, first taste was a creamy American “cheese foo7-11 burger chips PNGd” sensation, very Velveeta-ish, which I didn’t find unpleasant, the burger patty itself was firm, and had a tinge of smoke flavor embedded in it, which I also didn’t take offense to.

All in all, I found the burger to be as good as any fast-food quarter pounder, but your experience might entirely depend on the variety and freshness of the condiments ar the 7-Eleven you stop at. Some of the stores do a great job, some not so great.  It’s equal or better to another C-Store burger, previously tested,  the Big Az.

I was able to construct my own “value meal” of sorts, with the burger, 7-Eleven brand chips, and a 24 oz Shasta coming in at a respectable $4.24. I have often wondered why more C-stores don’t carry budget soft drinks, apparently now they do, or at least until Coke or Pepsi says “hey, wait a sec….”.

7-11 burger_14


Where 7-Eleven Sandwiches Come From


For as great a food town as Portland is, when it comes to middle of the night dining…Portland comes up very short. There’s a couple of Denny’s, and one or two taverns with bar menus…..we don’t even have a truck stop unless you’re willing to drive a half hour or so.

So middle of the night dining falls on drive thru fast food and 7-Elevens. If you’re a patron of the latter or a reader of this site, you know that 7-Eleven has been moving into proprietary snack foods lately, and their fresh wrapped sandwiches also fall into that category. Are those clerks busy making sandwiches between sales of lottery tickets and coffee? Nosiree, Bob, that task falls (at least in the Northwest), to LSG. Who’s LSG?

What do airline catering companies do when they are no longer serving meals on airplanes? Creatively expand their customer base, one guesses.Such is the case, apparently, with LSG Sky Chefs, a subsidiary of the German airline Lufthansa. I discovered this by reading the label of a fresh sandwich from 7-Eleven recently, which listed the manufacturer as LSG’s Seattle Facility.

LSG describes themselves as “LSG Sky Chefs is an internationally recognized provider of culinary expertise for airline catering. We serve 418 million meals annually for over 300 airline partners in 49 countries throughout the world.”

I would guess the diminishing orders from airlines caused LSG to look elsewhere for business. Since they have many, many locations across the US, they perhaps furnish 7-Eleven nationwide, or perhaps use other vendors, with LSG just serving the 300+ 7-Elevens in Seattle and Portland.

Just think, now you can buy an airline sandwich at 7-Eleven for about half the price they charge you on the airplane! Something to keep in mind, next time you travel.
My choice tonight was the Turkey Club. Pressed, chopped and formed turkey, leafy lettuce, and mayo with bacon bits sparsely sprinkled in it, between two slabs of thick-sliced white bread. Not so great, but not so bad.

If you have been following my writing since the early 70s, you’ll know on one of my previous forums, I wrote a lot about gas station sandwiches, and my conclusion at the time was that the Deli Express brand, from Minnesota, especially their “Muffaletta”, wins this category hands down.

But I do admire LSG’s creative solution to their diminishing market, and 7-Eleven’s creative solution to finding a vendor for their store brand.
7eleven_01 PNG


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