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Star Inn Motel Review Biloxi Mississippi


Star Inn Motel Review Biloxi MississippiI can stay anywhere I want.  I traveled the globe for business and stayed in some of the most luxurious hotels on the planet.  Actually, you can get sick of them.  I’M NOT KIDDING.

When I travel now, I’m decidedly down market – prefer the lower priced end of the segment, and especially independent mom and pop establishments. Which is what I found in the Star Inn in Biloxi.

It has so many things going for it besides very reasonable rates.  (What we paid for six nites was less than one nite at any of the fancy pants casino hotels down the street).

Comfortable, clean rooms, with everything you’d find in more expensive motels.  Some Jacuzzi suites. Refrigerator, microwave, hair dryer, iron.  King or two queens.  Park right outside your door.  Warm, clean swimming pool.  Modest complementary breakfast each morning, coffee, juice, milk, cereal, yogurt, fruit, breakfast breads.  Free wifi, cable. What more do you need?

Wonderful host family, friendly, helpful.

Spoiler alert.  It is across the street from the magnificent, free, open access Biloxi Beach, which they spend oodles of money keeping pristine. (See the pic below for the very reasonable rules).  Three fun casual restaurants also across the street, a 24 hour Waffle House, and the largest tee shirt/souvenir shop in the area.  Perfect.

I was so impressed I made reservations for a return in a few months.  Hey, one of the best things I did?  Went on a little tour that teaches you all about shrimpin’.  Fun and education.  Book it.

Star Inn Motel Review Biloxi Mississippi


Star Inn Motel Review Biloxi Mississippi

Biloxi Beach Rules



Star Inn Motel Review Biloxi Mississippi

Star Inn Motel Review Biloxi Mississippi


Shaggys on the Beach Review Biloxi Mississippi


Shaggys on the Beach Review Biloxi Mississippi

Shaggys on the Beach Review Biloxi MississippiIt was just a gleam in the founder’s eye – to turn an old bait shack in Pass Christian, MS into a food and beer joint.

Hurricane Katrina put his plans on hold for awhile, as it did all of us who lived in the area.

But, as he said “sometime later the sun starting shining again and it was time to get to work.”

And work he has, as in just over a decade there are now five Shaggys along the Gulf Coast. Each the same but unique it their own way.  (Shaggys name is an homage to a coast joint from the 40s).

I hit the one on Biloxi beach, overlooking the shimmering blue Gulf of Mexico.  Shaggy’s menu is typical of restaurants in the area, a mix of local seafood, prepared in various ways, along with appetizers and entrees of American cuisine one would expect to find in almost any casual eatery or bar.  And that’s not a bad thing!

Fresh oysters and deep water Royal Red shrimp too!  Thirsty? Of course Shaggys has all the usual ‘beach type’ drinks and some of their own special concoctions.

We had a drink, her a fru-fru umbrella thing, me a Stella.  Split a Caesar salad with grilled shrimp, before moving on to the seafood platter for two, Shaggys on the Beach Review Biloxi Mississippigrilled and fried shrimp, fried oysters, catfish filets. I didn’t share the catfish.  I’m in my catfish period, for some reason.

The food was marvelous, and it’s fairly priced.  The grilled shrimp has some pleasant seasoning, as did the fried pieces. Naturally there are the two local hot sauces on the table. When you live in or near New Orleans – which one is your preference can be fightin’ words.

Dining on the deck overlooking the bay is marvelous.  The beach runs right up to the rear of Shaggys and there is a fenced in kiddy play area.  Not sure about inside, but your four legged Scoobys are welcome on the deck at Shaggys.  (See what I did there?).

Service by Becky was professional and friendly, despite it being a madhouse.

Check out the whole menu, plan a trip.

The main restaurant hours:
Sunday – Thursday 11AM – 9PM
Friday- Saturday 11AM – 11PM

Shaggys on the Beach Review Biloxi Mississippi

Shrimp Caesar


Shaggys on the Beach Review Biloxi Mississippi

Seafood Platter

Shaggy's Biloxi Beach Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



Shaggys on the Beach Review Biloxi Mississippi
Shaggys on the Beach Review Biloxi Mississippi


Hartz Chicken Buffet Review Ocean Springs Mississippi


Hartz Chicken Buffet Review Ocean Springs Mississippi

Hartz Chicken Buffet Review, Ocean Springs, MSThere are more than a few AYCE chicken buffets in the Deep South. Even some KFC’s offer them. There are even multiple chicken buffets names “Hartz” including a sizable chain in Texas. No relation. Anymore, at least.

For around $10, you can get all you can eat fried or baked chicken, fried fish, livers and gizzards, a dozen or so side dishes, rolls or cornbread, dessert, and soda or tea. YES I SAID TEN DOLLARS!

The food is excellent. I’m not usually a bone-in chicken kind of guy, too much work, but geez louise, go for just the side dishes, you’ll have green beans, collards, and ‘matoes like you’ve never enjoyed.

Corn, mashed, tater salad and more. Really. That hot bar is alone worth the ten bucks. Or just each the cobbler. Go crazy topping it with soft serve. Syrup. Sprinkles.

You are in charge. Disposable flatware and plate/trays make it more economical for the operators and easy for you. Ever seen a flatware dispensing machine? Made by Dixie. I’ll see if I can find a pic online.  Scroll down to see if I was successful.

So go to this place. Crowded all the time, but it’s a buffet, so there’s hardly ever a wait.

Lighter appetite? You can buy some bits and pieces at the drive thru. Here’s the menu.  Open 10:30A – 9P. Since 1975.

Hartz Chicken Buffet Review, Ocean Springs, MS


Hartz Chicken Buffet Review, Ocean Springs, MS

Dixie Cutlery Dispenser


Hartz Chicken Buffet Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Hartz Chicken Buffet Review Ocean Springs  Mississippi


Burger Burger Review – Biloxi, MS


Burger Burger Review So the story goes, the original “Burger Burger” was developed in nearby New Orleans and made its way east to Biloxi sometime after 1947.

The sandwich was sold in a local restaurant for years until one day, the perfect home of its own became available and the Burger Burger restaurant opened up, selling their proprietary sandwich, along with daily specials – their version of traditional southern dishes. Also on the menu,  traditional gumbo, salads, seafood baskets and breakfast.

Here I’ve buried the lead, haven’t I? The “Burger Burger” is like a hamburger poboy – on toasted French bread with mustard, diced onion, and special sauce, which they also call “gravy.” Somebody described it like “Swiss steak” on a bun, and maybe that’s apt, it’s sure different than a hamburger poboy in New Orleans which can be incredibly plain and dull.

They have other “specialty” burgers as well, in a form you might be more used to seeing.

Being as this is primarily a hamburger website, and I write about burgers a lot, naturally I took one look at the menu and went right for the……….catfish.

That’s right. I couldn’t seem to get enough fried catfish this trip, so it pretty much showed up in front of me once a day.

And was I ever glad.  Burger Burger makes perfect fried catfish, accompanied by fries, slaw, lemon and tartar if you wish. It was a lighter, slightly seasoned batter, perfectly crispy, the fish resting inside done to perfection, moist, not a hint of grease.


Service is frenetic and friendly at the same time.  Like they took classes in “Southern hospitality.”  Quite sure they mentioned everything was made in-house.

The restaurant is located in an old residence and the walls are chock-a-block with vintage photos and nostalgic memorabilia.

I’d like to go back.

Website has the specials but not full menu.  Menu is on Zomato.

Burger Burger Review

Catfish basket with fries

Burger Burger Review



Burger Burger Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Burger Burger Review
Burger Burger Review


Sal and Mookies Pizza Review – Biloxi, MS


Sal and Mookies Pizza Review“John and Mitchy were getting kind of itchy…”   wait….. “Sal and Mookie were feeling kinda ooky..”  Sorry. Really obscure and I’m dating myself.

So apparently these two guys were in the restaurant business in Jackson, MS (a hotbed of dining lately, really) and they decided they wanted to go into the NY style pizza biz.

According to their own information, they worked on different recipes til they felt they had it down and THEN went to NY to see how their pies compared.  They were satisfied.

Restaurant opens. Success. Pizza, ice cream parlor, sports bar, adult area, all in one.

Met people who wanted to take the concept to the Gulf Coast. Made a deal. Opened. Successful.  Just off the coast highway, across from the Hard Rock in Biloxi.  Spitting distance from the Gulf.

So I wandered in about 7:30 or so on a weeknight, and there were perhaps six couples dining and a gaggle of uncleared tables, must have been kinda busy earlier.

Hostess is awol.  Chef in kitchen behind big glass window overlooking the hostess stand. Nada. Blank stares.

Seems like finally a light bulb goes off and he goes to look for someone.  In the meantime, I’ve located the bartender and he shows me to one of the few “clean” tables.  Cleaned as in “cleared,” when the server did show up, she felt compelled to give it a wipe down.

Drinks ordered, delivered after a little delay. (Was there an employee poker game going on in the back or something?)

Pizza ordered, 14″ “Classic New York” with sausage, mozzarella, and provolone.

Pizza delivered fairly quickly. (By this time, I was the only customer).  Sal and Mookie’s brochure states that they use the finest ingredients:  King Arthur Flour,  Kosher Salt, Filtered Water, Fleishman’s Yeast, EVOO, whole milk mozzarella and imported Italian plum tomatoes.  Admirable, but I doubt the average pizza eater can tell the difference. I mean, hell, Pizza Hut, Little Caesars,  and Dominos are the largest chains in the world, and people seem to be satisfied with the crap they put out.

So do I tell you my opinion about this as a pizza in general, or as a “New York style” pizza?

If I lived here, it wouldn’t be my ‘go to’ pizza, tho this isn’t a part of the country that lends itself to great pizza.  I lived in New Orleans for eight years and pizza there was mostly meh.  I understand they’re working on it.

On Sal and Mookie’s desire to make a New York style.  Crust is too thick, puffy doughy edges, reminiscent of one of the grocery store self-rising things. Sausage is sliced pieces of links, that’s very New York-ish. But the sausage selection isn’t very flavorful.  (There’s a small producer down the road in Chalmette, Marciante, you should go sample theirs).  I didn’t look close, but there was a lot of garlic on the pie, so I can’t say whether it’s in the sauce or was diced bits on top.  I’m ok with that, some people might now be.

I’d personally prefer more cheese, but then real NY pizza tends to be skimpy on cheese. Distribution was a little lop-sided for some reason.

If you’re an occasional reader, you know the true test (for me) is how tasty the pie is the following morning, after sitting out all night. This one passes that test.

Would I go again?  Don’t think so.  In addition to the reasons above, it’s a little spendy, but then it’s sitting right in tourism central.  Total time invested, 75 minutes, surrounding tables still weren’t cleared or cleaned.

I think it’d be a fun place if you’ve dragged your entire family and in-laws to the beach, and wanted a pizza and ice-cream party, with lots of room to spread out.  They also have salads and sandwiches, a few pasta dishes and a kid’s menu.  Full menu is right over here. Non-smoking.  They cater.

Sal and Mookies Pizza Review

Sal & Mookie's New York Style Pizza & Ice Cream Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Sal and Mookies Pizza Review
Sal and Mookies Pizza Review

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