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Hardees Breakfast Biscuit Review – Nationwide


Hardees Breakfast Biscuit ReviewI admit I’ve become fussy about fast food (and C-store) breakfasts.  Think I’ve covered them all, and some are pretty good, some are absolutely dreadful. Some could be made better with very little effort or expense.

I stopped in a Hardees/Carl’s Jr on a recent road trip, in search of a menu item I’ve had before, the “Monster Biscuit (review)” which is egg, cheese, bacon, sausage and ham together!

Hardee’s gets extra points off the top for making their biscuits fresh, in house daily. Not sure anywhere else does that. In any case, the Monster Biscuit was nowhere to be found, so I thought I would try the Ham Biscuit, figuring I’d be disappointed cause they would probably use the standard fast food “ham” (which isn’t, is it?).

Lo and behold, behold and lo, no the biscuit had REAL ham on it, much like one of my other favorites, the ham biscuit at Bojangles, a southern chain.

So, surprise!  I’m ok with Chik Filet’s breakfast biscuits (also because they have tots), and Einstein’s (because they cook them to order).  I found a bologna breakfast biscuit in a c-store in Tennessee last week.  That was different.

I enjoy Sonic’s “Toaster” breakfast sandwiches (review), but I wish the toast was crisp instead of limp.  Could be if they toasted it on the spot.  Starbucks has a pretty good offering, which I will write about later this week.  But it’s spendy.

Finally, something else I will cover this week, spoiler alert, Dunkin Donuts toasted breakfast sandwich.  Just plain dreadful.  If you go to the search bar above, and use gas station or c-store as a search term, you can discover other stops I’ve made along the breakfast highway!









Hardees Breakfast Biscuit Review


Chik-Fil-A Breakfast Review

Chik-Fil-A Breakfast Review

One of the Original Locations

I haven’t been in a Chik-Fil-A for over a couple decades. This wasn’t a social protest because of their “problems,” but rather they are just not top of mind for me, and also not as visible as other fast foods. There are about 2000 of them in the US.

It’s certainly not a place I would think of for fast food breakfast, yet here I found myself at one today, and it was only because of “location, location, location” and all I was really looking for was a cup of coffee.

I was aware they had “chicken biscuits,”  but I wasn’t aware they offered a bacon and egg biscuit, which is my preferred fast food breakfast item, second only after Sonic Toasters.

So I thought I’d take one for a test drive, and throw in a Chicken Biscuit as well, since that is their claim to fame.  Oh, and tater tot medallions?  Why not?

It’s all cooked to order, and the coffee was just brewing, so the amiable counter person asked me if I wanted a glass of ice water while waiting for the coffee, which they would bring to the table with the food.

I swear, the personnel at this restaurant were so smiley and gleeful, you just wanted to pinch their cheeks.  Hospitable behavior in the hospitality business sure doesn’t hurt one bit.

The biscuits are baked in store, so sez the literature, and the chicken is hand breaded on site, as well.  I believe it.  The bacon was thick and smokey, and the egg almost seemed like it might have been cooked in house, too.  And of course, any place that has hash rounds or tots is high on my list.  The biscuits could have used a few more minutes in the oven, but other than that, no complaints.

I was both surprised and pleased.  The restaurant was busy, too, busier with in-house diners than other fast food outlets I stop in.

They still aren’t open on Sundays (company policy thing), but I’ll be frequenting Chik-Fil-A more often, I suspect.  Chik-Fil-A Locator. Chik-Fil-A-Menu.

Chik-Fil-A Breakfast Review

Bacon Egg Cheese Biscuit


Chik-Fil-A Breakfast Review

Chicken Biscuit


Chik-Fil-A Breakfast Review

Tater Tot Medallions


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Chi-Fil-A Breakfast Review


Hardees Monster Biscuit Review


First opened in Greenville, SC, Hardee’s is a ‘semi-national’ chain, mostly in the Eastern United States, and part of CKE (Carl Karcher Enterprises) which operates Carl’s Jr. in the Western US; the two share some menu items.

Hardee’s places a big emphasis on their breakfast menu, and offers a wider variety of choices than most competitors. Additionally, they push a “prepared fresh” method with their items.  They bake their biscuits in-house, from scratch daily, and cook the other ingredients upon order.

On a whim, I picked up their “Monster Biscuit”, which is a pile of egg, bacon, sausage, shaved ham, and cheese.  It surprised me on every level, and is surely one of the best fast-food breakfast offerings in the land.  My only preference for “improvement” would be that Hardee’s also has a ‘country ham’ biscuit, and I think I’d prefer that ham on the Monster.   Nevertheless, this is a good product, and as the advertising says, prepared fresh.  Grab a couple today. Update 2/2016, Hardees has added a Hillshire Farms Smoked Sausage breakfast biscuit to their menu.  Locator.

Hardee's Monster Biscuit Review

                    Hardees Monster Biscuit Review


Hardee's on Urbanspoon


Hardees Monster Biscuit Review

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