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Country Cookin by George Review – Lexington, KY


Country Cooking by George Review I was out on a buffet drive, down I-64, I-75 and environs.  I had done my research in advance (‘natch) and had made up my mind to go to a different location, originally, but a last minute check on YELP showed a gaggle of bad reviews lately.

When they are grouped together in rapid succession, it makes me nervous.

So I instead opted for Country Cookin, an unassuming joint in a nondescript strip mall in the middle of town, not so easy to find.

They have three tables of hot entrees, one of salad, and one of desserts, and the food is quite typically representative of the region. There are probably about a dozen hot entrees, including fried chicken, catfish, shrimp, a couple of beef dishes, baked and fried ham, and one or two features that change daily.

I rolled in on a Saturday afternoon, just past most people’s lunch time and attendance was pretty sparse, yet the serving trays were well attended to. Beverage orders were taken and delivered and I hit the serving lines, loading up on catfish, fried ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, and some excellent smoky greens.

The salad offerings aren’t as extensive as most places, but that’s fine with me, I’m not there for the salad.

While the desserts (cobblers, puddings, etc) looked great, I passed to have most capacity for catfish.

This room is a little dated.  The restaurant isn’t as bright and shiny as buffets built in recent years.  But I found the food well prepared and tasty, with no skimping on ingredient quality.  Yes, I’d to it again.  Lunch and beverages for two, under $25.

Country Cooking by George Review

Country Cookin by George! Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Country Cookin by George Review

Country Cookin by George Review


Old Warsaw Buffet Review, Chicago, IL


Old Warsaw Buffet Review

Old Warsaw Buffet Review

Chicago’s rich melting pot of immigrants makes for some really good eats, often time at a real value as well.

There are many, many Polish restaurants like the White Eagle, where food is served family style.  Check out Czech grub at the Czech Plaza. Whatever you like, whatever you’re curious about – Ukrainian, any kind of Chinese, Eastern European, Malay, Italian – you’re apt to find it in Chicago. Restaurants and grocers.

I was dropping off a friend at O’Hare, and we had time to kill, we stopped at Old Warsaw, a legendary Polish buffet. The spread was magnificent, and included hot and cold entrees, borscht, many salads, and desserts.  Sausages, blintzs, potato pancakes, rustic bread.

All in, around $12 per person and of course it’s all you can eat.  The restaurant has group space and has special menus on holidays at different pricing. Full bar. Distinctly Eastern European decor, which is a fun ambiance as well.

I was in Poland as it was just emerging from its decades of darkness.  This was much better food. LOL

On Harlem, just south of the Kennedy.

Old Warsaw Buffet Review

Plate #1 of many!

Old Warsaw Buffet Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Old Warsaw Buffet Review


Pizza Hut Buffet Review


Pizza Hut Buffet ReviewAs a regular reader, you know I try and find positive things to write about every time I stop someplace. Spoiler alert: not here.

I’ve been in a Pizza Hut maybe three times in the past ten years, once in a small town in Western Kansas, the place was filthy, the pizza worse. I liked Pizza Huts in China, tho, it was before the Chinese became amenable to liking “cheese” and the menus said the pies had “melted topping.” Selections were ample and the salad bar (which the Chinese adored) was always well stocked.

Went into a Godfather’s Pizza Buffet a few years ago, and that was dreadful. Pizza Ranch, a fast growing chain based out of Iowa, has so-so pizza, but drop dead fried chicken and a lot of other choices. And it’s a good value.

Round Table, based in California, has a pretty fair buffet.

But Pizza Hut? At least this one? Ugh.

They had six pizzas out, nothing exotic, either standard thin or thick crust. I went in because I thought it would give me the opportunity to sample some of the innovations they have been bragging about lately – stuffed crusts, added flavors, blah blah. But this operator was interested in minimizing costs and maximizing revenue, so choices were pretty basis. There was a single bin of plain spiral pasta and plain red sauce to accompany it. One bin of “dessert bread sticks.” No salad. No chicken. I expected wings, since Pizza Hut has that whole “Wing Street” thing going. Buffet price, without drink $6.99 plus tax and gratuity.

I had a slice of sausage, a slice of pepperoni, one with pork pellets, one with ‘everything’ and one with cheese. The plain cheese was the best, despite being drastically under-cooked.  To me, Pizza Hut just doesn’t taste like much.  It will always be in a three-way tie for pizza of last resort with Dominos and Caesar’s.

The joint was clean. The help was friendly. They seem to have some ‘regulars,’ at least based on overheard conversations.

It is next door to a KFC which was empty at high noon. No buffet there. KFC buffets are kind of hard to find, but they can be a real treat!

The basic menu is below, I notice they have “rebranded” their specialty pies as “Flavor recipes,” and I also see they no longer offer salads or other alternatives at all.  But speaking of rebranding, remember about 5 years ago or so, they made a big hubbub about how they were going to become just “The Hut?”  Whatever happened to that?  It was about the same time Radio Shack announced they were going to start calling the stores just “The Shack,” but that ultimately changed into “The location permanently closed.”

Pizza Hut Buffet Reivew

Pizza Hut Buffet Review


Pizza Hut Buffet Reivew

Pizza Hut Menu

Pizza Hut Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Pizza Hut Buffet Review


New Orleans, LA – Boomtown Casino Buffet


(From our archives) I was kidnapped yesterday and taken to the Boomtown Casino on the West Bank for Sunday champagne brunch. Generally, that wouldn’t be on my list of places to check out, but I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and quantity of what was on offer.

The Sunday brunch runs $12.95 per person (no idea what kids cost, call 1-800-366-7711 and ask ahead of time), but there were an awful lots of large families there, so it must be somewhat economical.

I think I set a personal record for ingesting eight different types of protein in a single serving. Yes, this would be Atkins heaven if you were pursuing that culinary plan.

The individual serving stations were amply supplied and refreshed often, even though the dining room wasn’t particularly full (we were there about 2PM). Brunch is served from 11 – 4, at which point the price is bumped up a couple bucks for dinner. The lowest price during the week is $8.95 for lunch, Monday thru Saturday, and at that price point, this is a great bargain.

We started with the salad bar, which had a variety of greens and plenty of dressing choices. The salad bar also included a wide variety of prepared salads (tuna, seafood, slaw, etc.), a couple of soup choices, and a monstrous pot of chilled boiled shrimp. Two conspicuous absences for my taste, no cottage cheese (I like it on greens), and butter (but plenty o’ ‘whipped spread’.)

The hot entree area is comprised of four or five serving stations which, in toto, are probably 40′ in length.

One can start with “Bayou Classics” (jambalaya, etoufee, mounds of fluffy white rice, sausage avec peppers, sausage sans peppers), before moving on to the “Wok Station” which has a variety of Asian favorites (Boomtown seems to go out of their way to cater to the local Asian population – much of the signage is bilingual English/Vietnamese). Traditional hot entrees include fried chicken and fish, broiled fish, fried shrimp, chicken tenders, and the requisite number of sides like several types of potatoes and gravy, ample vegetable selections (including broiled, topped, tomatoes) of all colors. There is a carving station with deep-fried turkey (which was VERY good), lean whole hams, prime rib, and for some reason, the boudin was on the carving station.

Not enough? The “Chef’s Station” will prepare you seafood (fish, shrimp, et al) to your liking – grilled, broiled, boiled; during the Sunday brunch, this station is converted to a bespoke omelet bar.

Desserts are plentiful – including (at least) two different cobblers, cakes, brownies, and the requisite soft-serve.

The price includes everything, even your beverage (soft drinks, coffee, tea, and champagne on Sunday).

As I said, I wouldn’t usually think of going to a place like this, but it was good food, well-prepared, at a fair price. And certainly not the “cattle car” feeling of local Chinese buffets or places like the Golden Corral.

Bayou Market Buffet (Boomtown Casino) on Urbanspoon

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