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Twisted Burger Review – Barrington, IL


Twisted Burger Review

With a few locations around the Northwestern suburbs of Chicago, Twisted Burger is a growing chain with designs on serving the quality fast food audience.  Just five years old, they have been getting rave reviews with each new location they open.

The menu has a lot of customized burger choices, as well as chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, (well, it IS Chicago), Italian beef, appetizers, wraps and salads.

I went with the “Captain America” – beef patty (you can substitute veggie or turkey) topped with  cheddar cheese, bacon, apple BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomato and a giant onion ring. I had them hold the sauce.  Patty was flavorful and lean, toppings were crisp and fresh.  Bakery style roll, soft to chew, but firm enough for the toppings.

Also ordered the small size fries – garlic and parmesan style, which were really excellent. I wasn’t looking at the menu carefully enough, so I didn’t see a quantity option was “Side.”  Would have been better for one person, the “small” will keep the table happy.

There have been more than a few restaurants in this location over the 30+ years I’ve been coming around this town.  Most recent was a Mexican eatery. Before that, another casual burger place, which then moved across the street and has now moved to the adjacent suburb. Reviewed that one before.

I’m sure I’ll be back to “Twisted” to try some other items on the menu.  And more fries with that, please.

Twisted Burger Review

Captain America Burger


Twisted Burger Review

Garlic Parmesan Fries


Twisted Burger Review


Twisted Burger Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Twisted Burger Review

Twisted Burger Review


Burger Burger Review – Biloxi, MS


Burger Burger Review So the story goes, the original “Burger Burger” was developed in nearby New Orleans and made its way east to Biloxi sometime after 1947.

The sandwich was sold in a local restaurant for years until one day, the perfect home of its own became available and the Burger Burger restaurant opened up, selling their proprietary sandwich, along with daily specials – their version of traditional southern dishes. Also on the menu,  traditional gumbo, salads, seafood baskets and breakfast.

Here I’ve buried the lead, haven’t I? The “Burger Burger” is like a hamburger poboy – on toasted French bread with mustard, diced onion, and special sauce, which they also call “gravy.” Somebody described it like “Swiss steak” on a bun, and maybe that’s apt, it’s sure different than a hamburger poboy in New Orleans which can be incredibly plain and dull.

They have other “specialty” burgers as well, in a form you might be more used to seeing.

Being as this is primarily a hamburger website, and I write about burgers a lot, naturally I took one look at the menu and went right for the……….catfish.

That’s right. I couldn’t seem to get enough fried catfish this trip, so it pretty much showed up in front of me once a day.

And was I ever glad.  Burger Burger makes perfect fried catfish, accompanied by fries, slaw, lemon and tartar if you wish. It was a lighter, slightly seasoned batter, perfectly crispy, the fish resting inside done to perfection, moist, not a hint of grease.


Service is frenetic and friendly at the same time.  Like they took classes in “Southern hospitality.”  Quite sure they mentioned everything was made in-house.

The restaurant is located in an old residence and the walls are chock-a-block with vintage photos and nostalgic memorabilia.

I’d like to go back.

Website has the specials but not full menu.  Menu is on Zomato.

Burger Burger Review

Catfish basket with fries

Burger Burger Review



Burger Burger Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Burger Burger Review
Burger Burger Review


Bombas Grill Review, East Dundee, IL


Bombas Grill ReviewDamn, I love it when a place far exceeds my expectations.  I was on the prowl for a new burger in the NW burbs of Chicago and stumbled upon this micro-sized diner offering burgers, sandwiches, and some Greek specialties.

I was intrigued by the “Zeus” burger, which promised a quality beef patty topped with Saganaki (a Greek-style cheese that has been flambed), tzatziki sauce (yogurt, cucumber, dill), and other toppings of your choice.

It was fantastic!  Hearty bun, nice flavor in the lean beef patty, cooked to order.  Looking at the menu, I also noticed they had kalamata olives for some items, and they would have been a good add-on for this style burger. I’ll remember to ask next time.

Bombas also offers “Greek fries,” which are oven baked, doused with lemon juice and sprinkled with feta. Delish.

If you’re not looking for this place, you might miss it, in a small strip mall next to a large pawn shop. And it seems Google maps has its location a little off the actual place.  Or it seemed so to me.

I hope these guys have lots of success.  They use quality ingredients with attention to preparation and presentation – at a fair price.  Oh yeah, I’ll be back. Oh yeah, outrageously good dill spears, too!

A portion of the menu is below.

Hours, address on their website or Facebook.

Bombas Grill Review

Bombas Grill Review

Bomba Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Bombas Grill Review


Jucy Lucy Recipe


The Jucy Lucy (sic) is a burger patty with molten cheese inside.  It originated in Minnesota, but the actual birthsite is in dispute, with both Matt’s Bar and the 5-8 Club in Minneapolis claiming the naming rights.  Matt’s uses the spelling of “Jucy,” while the 5-8 adds the “i.” You’ll pay $6.75 at Matt’s, and $9.35 (with fries) at the 5-8.

The burger style is now widely available across the US, and while the original is stuffed with “American cheese,” there are all sorts of variations available, with different cheeses (feta, blue, pepperjack, cheddar)  and other ingredients (mushrooms, peppers, olives, bacon) as stuffing supplements.

There are a couple of ‘tricks’ to making these burgers at home, but if you follow the tips, you’ll have a fun burger to serve your family and friends, and you can customize them (as suggested above) to suit your guest’s personal palate. Merkt’s sharp cheddar cheese spread is a popular choice in the Chicago area.

Start with 80/20 ground beef, and make two thin patties, one an inch larger in diameter than the other.  Place the larger patty on a piece of wax paper, and place 1 slice of American cheese, quartered, in the middle of the patty. Place the other patty on top, and fold the edges of the larger patty up over the edge of the smaller patty, crimping the edges.

One downside of the Jucy Lucy is no one has figured out how to cook them to any different stage than “well,” because that is how the molten cheese effect happens. So you’re looking at a good 6 minutes plus per side on the griddle or grill.

Garnish to your own taste, and be CAREFUL biting in. “Molten” cheese means just that, and it can be HOT!

I made two this time around, on the left, “traditional style,”  on the right, “black & blue,”  blue cheese, olives, cajun seasoning.

Jucy Lucy Recipe


Jucy Lucy Recipe

Fold lower patty over upper, crimp edges


Jucy Lucy Recipe

Matt’s Bar, Minneapolis





Jucy Lucy Recipe


Arlington Heights, IL – Gabutto Burger & Santouka Ramen


Some great friends of mine here in Portland started a Japanese inspired hot dog cart, called Domo Dogs. It was great. But I had never heard of a Japanese burger (except in my trips to Japan, of course). I saw this place a couple trips ago in the Chicago area and resolved to try it next time I was through town.

As it happened, my favorite dining companion, BurgerDogDaughter and I happen to traverse the Windy City at the same time and hit up the food court at this massive Japanese grocery, which used to be a favorite haunt of ours when she was coming up.

She went for the fancy pants ramen, with miso and pork, and a side of salmon roe.

I checked out Gabutto Burger.   They promise a “delicious experience”, with their special Gabutto patty, part beef, part pork, breaded with their special glaze.  It’s not a teriyaki, and it’s not quite a savory.  Somewhere in between but more towards the savory.  While I generally don’t like sauces of most any ilk (except bernaise and bechamel),  this was ok.  The bun was ultra bakery soft, but not so much that it would fall apart with the weight of the burger, sauce, and moisture from the vegetables (tomato, lettuce, purple raw onion).

If your measure of perfect fries is McDonald’s, you’ll love these crispy shoestrings.   On the counter are 8 shakers of ‘flavoring’, you choose what you like for your fries –  garlic/butter, ranch, original spicy, curry, and so on.   I went with the garlic butter, and tried some wasabi, too.   Both were enjoyable.

The noodles and roe came in at about $14, the burger and fries at $7.

But the company?  Priceless.

Miso Ramen with Pork

Gabutto Burger on Urbanspoon

Santouka on Urbanspoon

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