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New China Restaurant Review – Fox River Grove, IL


New China Restaurant ReviewIt’s been around for twenty-five years, so it must be “good” right?  Well, at least passable. Confession. I lived in China for six years, so it’s almost always a let down for me to go to a Chinese restaurant in the U.S.  Once and a great while, in a larger city Chinatown, I can be a happy camper.

But here we’re talking the Chicago burbs, a good hour drive from the center of the city.  But twenty-five years, right?

The New China was recently remodeled, I was told, and the ambiance is pleasant enough.  Subdued tones and lighting, no blaring sports TVs (except in the bar). Service was more than satisfactory. He even pointed out by “rearranging” our order, we’d save some money. That was kind.

As you certainly know, there is no standardization in names or spelling of Americanized Chinese dishes, and the New China seems to have invented some names unique to their menu. So unless you ask, you might be surprised at what you order/receive.

I had shrimp and vegetables in a sauce.  It was more than adequate. It came with steamed rice, (plain) fried rice, soup and an eggroll.  Soup was good, eggroll was crispy and cabbage packed. Fried rice was quite a bit beyond the fried stage as you can see in the picture.  There wasn’t any meat or egg.

I’d go again, at least for takeout.  But I’d probably try some different items next time.  And it’s a little spendy for Chinese.  If you read online reviews, you’ll find people’s reactions are pretty mixed.  I don’t really have anything negative to say.

Menu is online. Carryout orders welcome. Online ordering. Not sure if they are hooked up with any of the delivery services.

New China Restaurant Review



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New China Restaurant Review

New China Restaurant Review


One Buffet Review- Hibachi, Grill, Sushi, Crystal Lake, IL


(April 2016 Update – it is now “Asian Buffet” no idea what these name changes are all about). (September 2015 Update – it is now “Top Buffet,” I cannot say whether it is different than the previous version).  (Now back to our old review).

I love Asian buffets, even though I lived in China for eight years and have been know to turn my nose up at “Americanized” Chinese food. The typical Asian buffet is perfect for picky eaters, or those trying to follow  a health regimen.  There is always an ample spread of seafood, fish, and other light protein, as well as a fairly decent salad bar, a spread of fruit, a few soups, and everything in between – rice, noodles, hibachi, dumplings….you know how it goes.

This is a good one. There is a lot of choice, and the place is clean.  On a Tuesday afternoon, it wasn’t very crowded, though they said it is rocking on weekend nites when the buffet table has unlimited crab legs.

There were a couple in Portland I liked, but after a time, I (we) were 86ed from those, in one of those cartoon moments of the proprietor telling Mrs Burgerdogboy “you eat too much, you go now” as she would plow through the sushi stations.

Today I enjoyed egg drop soup, won ton soup, a hot seafood medley, chilled peel and eat shrimp, couple of different chicken things, baked fish, couple of sushi rolls,  a dab of rice, a couple of jello cubes, and a fortune cookie that said good things are coming my way.  All for $7.50 a head.  Can’t beat it with a chopstick.

One Buffet Crystal Lake Illinois

One Buffet Review

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