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Southern Fried Chicken Recipe


Mrs. Burgerdogboy asked me to take a whack at fried chicken; usually we’d head to that chain the late New Orleanian Al Copeland created – Popeye’s, but it was one of those (one?) gloomy Portland days and we were resolved to (mostly) not leave the bedroom.

So here’s my concocted recipe, which turned out real well, by all accounts.


  • 8  Chicken pieces of  your choice with bones-in, skin removed (if that’s your preference)
  • 1/2 C half and half creamer
  • 1 C Zatarain’s Spicy Fish Fri
  • 1 C Panko
  • 2 T Tony Chachere’s Cajun Seasoning
  • 1 T Garlic powder
  • 1 T black pepper
  • 1 T paprika
  • Peanut oil or lard


Combine dry ingredients in plastic bag. Wash chicken thorough, pat dry and dip in half and half, let excess liquid run off.  Toss the chicken vigorously in the plastic bag with the dry ingredients.

Fry, bone side down, in a cast iron skillet for 15 minutes.  Flip chicken once and fry for another 15 minutes.  Remove chicken from fry pan, place on baking sheet, and finish in oven at 350 for 20 minutes.

Crispy outside, juicy, flavorful meat inside.   “Louisiana fast!”

Fried chicken recipe










Southern Fried Chicken Recipe


Sweet and Savory Fried Chicken Recipe


As you can probably surmise, I’m always screwing around in the kitchen, looking for a different way to do prepare something.  Today I stumbled onto a method that I think is good enough to share.

Someone gave me a canister of “honey wheat” pretzels, which ordinarily I wouldn’t think of buying or consuming, I generally like my sweet and savory flavors to keep their distance from each other.  I sampled a couple, they weren’t that bad, nor that sweet, and I was getting ready to make some fried chicken when the proverbial light bulb went off – why not use the pretzels as fried chicken coating?  So I did, and the results were delightful.

Here’s the dope:

  • 1 C pulsed fine honey wheat pretzels
  • 1 T Tony Chachere Creole Seasoning
  • 1 C  plain flour
  • 2  eggs beaten
  • 2 C your preferred frying oil
  • Chicken parts of your choosing

Pour the plain flour onto a plate

Beat the eggs and pour onto a plate

Combine the pretzel flour and creole seasoning in a plastic bag

Dredge the chicken pieces in flour, dredge in the egg was, and toss into the bag that has the pretzel mix.  Shake vigorously.

Bring the oil to frying temp in a deep pan, and place the chicken pieces in to fry.  Turn frequently and cook to your preferred temp.

I cooked legs and wings about 12 minutes and boneless breasts about 18, which is a little longer than most recipes suggest, but the thick coating keeps the meat moist, even with these cooking times.

Remove from heat, let cool on a rack for ten minutes prior to consuming.

I really enjoyed this ‘mistake’,  the coating was not to thick, not to thin, there was a hint of sweetness from the honey pretzels, and a little salty kick from the Creole seasoning.  Give it a try!

Fried Chicken Recipe

Fried Chicken Recipe


Nationwide – Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen


Mrs. Burgerdogboy do love her Popeye’e, especially a side of red beans, and I’m always happy to oblige her, as she’s taught me the whole “happy wife, happy life” thing, and it’s 100% on target.

So whenever I roll past a Popeye’s, or am pointed in that direction by my better two-thirds, off I go, and grab her a 2 or 3 piece combo, with an extra large side of red beans.

As for me, I’m a fingers or tenders guy (did you see my profile of tenders of the South?), and I wanted to try Popeye’s new “Wicked Chicken”  Garlic/Pepper Wicked Chicken with Garlic Parmesan Dipping Sauce.

Correct me, but don’t I recall that when Wicked Chicken first arrived, it was a breast cut to look like fingers on a hand?  Or was that an acid flashback?

In any case, the Garlic Pepper variety are small strips, with highly seasoned batter, crispy, the pepper was detectable, but for me, the garlic wasn’t all that present.  Understandable, as I consume about 1/4 of the annual California garlic crop on my own each year, so maybe I’m not all that sensitive to it any more.

Anyway, it’s good, it’s a LTO, and it’s pretty cheap as fast-food chicken offerings go.  I’d get it again.

It amuses me to no end that Popeye’s tv commercials use the tag line “Louisiana Fast”.  If you’ve ever lived in Louisiana, it probably amuses you, too.

Oh, and speaking of fried fast food?   One of the biggest European hamburger chains is called “Quick” and I love their little fish bites. (Pictured)

Quick Fish BItes

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Wendy’s New Spicy Guacamole Chicken Club


Wendy's Spicy Guacamole Chicken Club SandwichThe fine folks at Wendy’s contacted me and asked me to try out their new Spicy Guacamole Chicken Club sandwich, and furnished me with the means to do that.

They describe their newest sandwich as  “Made with a seasoned spicy chicken breast, authentic guacamole, crisp Applewood smoked bacon and pepper jack cheese.”

Chicken is rarely on my fast food radar, and a chicken sandwich even less often,  so I was game for the experience.

Wendy’s has been on a tear lately, with a top to bottom updating, examining their menu, adding new items, building prototype new outlets, and taking a hard look at their staffing as well, and so far, they get a A+ for the effort.

Customers have lauded and rewarded the efforts, as it was recently announced Wendy’s passed BK to become America’s second largest fast food chain.

I was more than happy with the sandwich.   The bun was bakery soft, the guac ultra fresh, with just a little bit of kick, and the chicken filet nicely fried with a crispy coating with a slight bit of black pepper accent.

Don’t be mislead by the term “spicy” in the description.  Some chicken chains use of the word (and accompanying spices) turns out a blazin’ hot (to my palate) piece of bird, but Wendy’s has built a sandwich designed to appeal to the masses – so you can take the word “spicy” in this instance to mean “flavorful.”

I went with the combo, and for my money, Wendy’s “new” sea salt natural cut fries continue to be one of the best offerings in the fast food side segment. Their applewood smoked bacon, available on a variety of offerings, continues to be some of the best in the biz, as well.


Wendy's on Urbanspoon


Portland, OR – The Country Cat (reprise)


Mrs. BDB and I were meeting Mr. and Mrs. PDMAE (Portland Dealmaker Attorney Extraordinare), and we opted to hit Country Cat for Saturday brunch.   Arriving at 1230, there was no wait (always good for me, I’m the guy so easily distracted – oh, look, a chicken!), we were seated in a comfortable booth by the window, and an affable server greeted us, distributed menus, and took drink orders    I thought Mrs BDB would go for a little hair of the dog (rough nite, last nite) but nope, Earl Grey for her and Mr PDMAE,  iced tea (lemon, no sweetener) for Mrs PDMAE, and a cappuccino for me (I know, I know, it’s an after meal beverage, so what!?  I live in a city where they serve cheese plates for appetizers, for gosh sakes!).

Tempting to order Country Cat’s burger, but I didn’t, Mr PDMAE did, rare, says he, and Mrs PDMAE went with the fried chicken, Mrs BDB a grilled ham and cheese sandwich, and I with the eggs, biscuit and sausage gravy.

Service was prompt, courteous, friendly, and attentive without being overbearing.  Good job, mate,  sorry I didn’t catch your name.

The food arrived after a fashion,  and we all plowed into our plates, me and the legal eagle pausing a moment so I could take a pic of his burger, since I wasn’t imbibing.  I have to say, it looked grand, and came with about thirty pounds of onion straws, and house-made catsup.   After legalist cut the burger in half, we could see it was done a bit more than ordered.   I hold no grudge…it wasn’t mine.

The biscuits and gravy were superb, even if the eggs were basted, and not over easy as I had requested. (OK, same diff, really)   There were large chunks of country sausage in the flavorful, creamy gravy, with not a hint of flour that sometimes haunts cafes efforts to saucify sausage bits.

We enjoyed our leisurely repast, pleasant conversation, and gentle admonishment from Mrs PDMAE that I should eat more vegetables, and a little whispered biz talk between Clarence Darrow and me.

We do this far too infrequently, as we really enjoy these friends.    Good friends, good conversation, and even barely adequate food (which was not the case here), makes for the best of times.

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