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Portland, OR – The Fried Onion Redux


Been trying to get to the Fried Onion’s  new location (SE 3 and Alder), to try their new Reuben sammich, ever since they rolled it out.

I know, you’re saying WTF? What’s a reuben got to do with burgers, dogs, and pizza? Well, you see, I occasionally like a few other things, you may have noticed if you check the site regularly, and I would have described that in the URL, but unfortunately, was already taken!

Happened to be in the neighborhood today, which is very industrial, but that’s probably the appropriate location for an “industrial strength” corned beef sammich. Like everything they do, (see previous write-up), preparation is meticulous, and the corned beef is piled high on the rye, kraut and mustard to your own specs (I opted for mucho kraut and yellow ‘stard), and a slab o’ swiss. I opted out of the thousand island which is common to reubens, just a personal taste thing, but you might like some on yours.

They use Thumann’s corned beef, straight out of Jersey, it’s been around since 1949. I thought a commercial for Thumann’s from 1998 might amuse you.


So it’s a great sandwich, a nice addition to their great burgers and dogs. They have a nice little new cubby, and a couple of picnic tables provide shelter from this long stretch of miserable Portland rain.

Good job, guys. Thanks for another great sammich!

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Fried Onion Portland


Portland, OR – Fried Onion Portland (Food Cart)


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Can a New Yawker successfully peddle a Chicago hot dog to Portlanders?   One stop at the Fried Onion will make you coo an utter “oh, yes!”

The Fried Onion is another newcomer on the scene, and in a slightly unlikely location, NW Raleigh between 22nd and 23rd. (Actually midway in the block on Raleigh). Update: SE Third and Alder.

Affable folks, the Onion proprietors are experts in their field and experts on hot dogs.   The Chicago “Red Hot” is not “hot”, but rather a brand name, and, interestingly, the founder of Red Hots is the grandson of the founder of Vienna Beef, arguably, THE Chicago hot dog.

At least in my mind.  At least until today.

A nicely charred dog, skinless, ample in size, lovingly checked by the cook for the required doneness temperature (nice touch), and placed in a also slightly charred locally baked roll.   A dab or kraut at my request, and a squirt of yellow mustard, a dash of celery salt (homage to Chicago), and man oh man, that’s a great dog.  Great flavor, great taste, no overbearing smoke or seasoning flavor.   And a damned good size, as well.

So why did I order a burger as well?  How could I not?  I ordered it undressed, with a slice of cheddar, and you see that crispy protrusion off to the right?  Nope, it’s not bacon, but crispy melted cheddar goodness.  An ample sized hand-formed patty, lean, nice beefy flavor,  I ate it “as is”, and didn’t clutter it up with condiments, wanted to enjoy the taste and texture of the patty itself.

I couldn’t finish both the dog and the burger, oh, I could have in my salad days (did I ever really have “salad days?”)

Well, actually, I couldn’t finish the buns.  I ate the meat out of both the dog and burger, and didn’t leave a morsel behind. Caution: Red Sox fans pay extra, the sign sez. Menu is here.

Go the the Fried Onion.  Order.  Purchase.  Partake.  Enjoy.  Smile.

If you can’t get enough on site, it appears you can order Chicago style hot dogs delivered to your home.  I’m gonna.

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Fried Onion Portland

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