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China Dragon Review – Algonquin, IL


China Dragon Algonquin ReviewI haven’t had Chinese in let’s see….over two years.  Wasn’t intentional, just happened.  Prior to that, I could have it a couple times a year, but was most always disappointed.  Since I lived in China, I just haven’t been satisfied with “Americanized Chinese.”  Even going to major city Chinatowns and asking for the dishes I preferred would bring a woeful look and an apology “we just can’t get those ingredients in the U.S.”

I usually fare a little better with dim sum – most places haven’t Americanized it as yet.  I suppose that will happen in time.  We’ll see scrambled egg and sausage steamed dumplings, or some such.

Oh well.

One major difference is surely the cost of ingredients in China vs the US.  The Chinese aren’t tempted to saturate dishes with inexpensive “fill” like in the US, and the US restaurants idea of fill is vegetables you’ll never see in China – zucchini, carrots, and such.

And of course, there is always the “American invented” dishes on Chinese menus in the US, like “Crab Rangoon,” supposedly crab flakes, cream cheese and scallions in a deep fried won ton wrapper.  Seems these first appeared at the Polynesian themed chain “Trader Vics” in the mid 50s.  They have devolved to be much heavier on the cream cheese (a product that was never available in Asia until the past few years), and if there is any crab at all, it’s that artificial junk.  Sigh.

I was back in suburban Chicago to see a client and wanted something different, looked for places that would deliver to the hotel, and found China Dragon via GrubHub.   Ordered shrimp with cashews, a couple egg rolls, and the crab rangoon.

The entree was OK, but I didn’t care for the egg rolls at all, there was some ‘under taste’ that I couldn’t identified, and the “rangoons” were completely devoid of crab.

The restaurant does furnish you with ample quantities in the servings, it’s hot, delivered quickly, and inexpensive.  And they furnish you with a couple years worth of soy sauce, sweet and sour, and mustard packets.

If you’re looking for delivered Chinese in the NW surburbs of Chicago, order through GrubHub, or directly on the restaurant’s website.  Menu is pasted below.

China Dragon Algonquin Review

China Dragon Algonquin Review

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China Dragon Review


GrubHub Review


GrubHub ReviewGrub Hub, a restaurant delivery service, started in Chicago in 2004, and through a series of acquisitions, has become the nation’s premier restaurant delivery company, representing eateries in 800 US cities and London, England.

They own a few other sites,, and

About 30,000 restaurants are represented in their online and mobile apps. Peruse the choices available in your area, order food, pay, wait for delivery.

The operation hires car and bicycle delivery persons, who use their own vehicles and are compensated from delivery fees (paid to GrubHub by restaurant ‘partners’), with a minimum guarantee.  I wonder how their income compares to Uber and Lyft drivers?  Will services like GrubHub be hurt if Uber goes big into delivery?

There are a lot of competitors in this segment, I’ve used a number of them, with Delivered Dish being the one I have the most experience with (and absolutely no complaints).

The other day, I tried GrubHub for the first time, I have looked at it before, but in the area I am ordering from, they didn’t have a very deep selection of restaurants, and they ones they do have, I could just as easily call direct and save a few bucks. Though I do prefer ordering online, as there seems to be less mistakes made in orders, in my experience.

How it happened that I did try GrubHub was that I was sitting around, bored to tears, playing with my phone and looked at their phone app.

Low and behold, and totally weird, there were different restaurants offered on the app than I had seen on the website. My first thought was they had added these restaurants, but checking the website, the ‘new’ ones still weren’t listed.

Intrigued, I ordered a pizza through the phone app, paid, received an estimated delivery time about an hour ahead, and waited for the delivery dude or dudette, who, in reality, showed up ahead of the scheduled time.

My ‘feigned consternation’ about the different listings motivated me to inquire (via Twitter) to GrubHub and ask “what the deal was?”

Which led to a series of D.M.s that didn’t produce a satisfactory answer, the end result of which was that the listings should be the same on both sites.

One clue was produced, however, as to why the difference may occur. Apparently, their algorithms treat searches differently, depending on whether or not you enter your address for a search, or allow your geolocation software take over. Not sure why.  If there’s a problem here, it might be because we have all experienced the inaccuracies of online mapping at one time or another.

So woe be to the restaurant owner which might actually be closer to you than one the software picks.

As part of the relationship, GrubHub provides research to restaurants, information that they glean from their customers ordering habits, including food trends, time of day, price point averages and so on. Pretty valuable info, actually.

In theory, GrubHub’s ad budget should increase local restaurant sales, and their in-house technology should improve restaurant operations. They don’t seem to have a very high turnover of restaurant customers, so most must be satisfied with the service.

As was I.

I’d use them again, but I would hope there would be more restaurant choices in my area in the future, and synchronization of the listings between the site and app. I also noticed they list at least one restaurant in my area that has been out of business for some time, which indicates there might not be enough follow up between the sales staff and partner restaurants.

Of course, since GrubHub deals with thousands of restaurants and as many delivery people, your results may vary.










GrubHub Review

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