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Krystal Review – Bourbon Street, New Orleans

Krystal Bourbon Street Review

Sliders to the rescue!

I’ve written a bunch on the Krystal chain, the south’s version of White Castle.  It’s fascinating to me that these two chains, with nearly identical concepts, sprang up at the same time in different parts of the country;  it’s also fascinating that one hasn’t gobbled up the other.  White Castle is still family owned, Krystal was swallowed by a private equity group, so it’s the latter that has the cash these days.

I like both chains, and since they rarely overlap in the same market, I get to patronize both equally, depending on where I am in the country.  This location is strategically placed at the entrance / exit to Bourbon Street, is open 24/7 and their slider burgers are perfect to soak up excessive Hurricanes (the cocktail kind).

They have breakfast sandwiches in the morning, charge $3.00 to use their bathroom (or a purchase) and also have an ATM. It’s a relaxing place (most times) to sit and stare out the window at the Bourbon Street crowd.  I’m thinking four burger sliders is the right amount for breakfast.  And I’m always right.

It’s also right next door to Dickie Brennan’s Bourbon House, one of the Quarter’s great local restaurants.



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krystal review


Krystals Waffle Fries Review


(Update, these are apparently no longer available.  Potato “strips,” grits, or beans are the alternative choice to fries at present).

Hit up Krystal to try one of their latest offerings, Seasoned Waffle Fries, and of course, I needed a couple sliders to ‘wash’ them down with.   After decades of contemplation about it, I think I prefer the Krystal burger to White Castle.  Can’t say why, maybe it’s the pickle.

I love Waffle Fries.  And tots.  And will almost always opt for them if they are an option.  This particular order?  Not seasoned, and not fully cooked. (Sigh)

So I can’t really give a fair assessment of them, since I doubt they were  prepared as corporate would have preferred.

A few years ago, I checked out Krystal’s mini hot dogs. In this very same city, as it happens.

Menu is online. Locator.



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krystals waffle fries review

krystals waffle fries review


White Castle


Sliders, gut bombs, no matter what you call them, the small square burgers cooked on a bed of onions, are a distinctly American tradition.    The White Castle chain was one of the first fast food establishments, started in 1921 in Wichita, Kansas.

Americans were reticent to eat ground beef at the time, due to the popularity of Upton Sinclair’s novel of the meat packing industry in “The Jungle.”

Walter Anderson, along with his partner Billy Ingram, made their outlet out of white porcelain enamel on the outside, and stainless steel inside, believing the scheme denoted “cleanliness.”

For a time, as the chain grew, they were cranking out pre-fab versions of the porcelain castle, and one still stands in Minneapolis. (pictured left)

Sliders were originally a nickel until the 1940’s, then 10 cents for a long time after that.   Today, a single burger is 68 cents and the menu has been expanded to include breakfast sandwiches, chicken breast sliders, and a couple of very unique items, “chicken rings”, and “fish nuggets.”  (pictured below).

Four burgers, an ample size fries (crinkle-cut), and medium drink will set you back less than five bucks, and there are various other combination meals with come with larger quantities of burgers.   They even sell a one hundred pack.

Some folks say White Castles taste best when it’s the middle of the night, and one has indulged in too much alcohol.  But I’d take exception to that.  The only time I ever had Mrs. Burgerdogboy in a White Castle, we had indeed consumed too much alcohol, and while the burgers tasted just fine to me, the stainless steel bench proved the perfect resting place for her pretty little passed out head.

But I’ll even eat them sober.   I love ‘em.

There are many ‘clones’, whether Castle Burgers in New Orleans, or Krystal, a chain across the south similar to White Castle, but with a deeper menu


White Castle Burgers and Fries

White Castle Fish Nuggets


New Orleans, LA – Castleburgers


One of the 24/7 munchie palaces in New Orleans is a local chain called “Tastee Donuts.” Hardly a chain, anymore, I had a hard time finding an open location, all my usual Tastees were boarded up.

In addition to delicious donut thingies, Tastee also serves “Castleburgers”, a complee schnock off of White Castles/Krystal, no different than Krystal, only difference I know between them and White Castle is the patties don’t have holes in them.

So I stopped in and wolfed down a couple today. Tastee makes some damned tasty burgers. Only open location I could find was the one on Esplanade, near Mid City.

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Birmingham, AL – Krystal Mini Dogs


I couldn’t pass up Krystal’s version of chili dogs, mild curiousity.  For those of you not living in the South, Krystal is to Southerners what White Castle is to Northerners/   I wanted to try the Krystal “Pups” just because they were cute – diminutive versions of the chili dog, small enough to fit three into a standard styrofoam container.

There being only two in my foto is not to be taken as a sign that one was consumed.  I, in fact, only ordered. two.  Should it surprise me that the included frank had the most flavor of any that I tried?  Not really, I guess.  In annual surveys of fast food joints, both Krystal and White Castle rate at the top of the scale for quality of food ingredients.  They have “purer” ground beef that the McDonalds of the world, for example, so it made perfect sense to me that the “Pups” on their own, would taste good.  The chili was better than most, but still not what I was looking for.

You have a choice of pups


Krystal Mini Dogs

Krystal Mini Dogs

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