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Olive Soup Recipe


Olive Soup Recipe

Traveling in Eastern Europe, I became quite a fan of hearty soups, especially in Poland, where my one of my favorites became “Dill Pickle Soup.” I was thinking about it the other day, and thought, “hey, why not, olive soup?” So I gave it a try and it’s wonderful.


  • 1 T Penna Crema Verde Olive Spread
  • 2 T Penna Crema Negra Olive Spread
  • 6 T EVOO
  • 1 C pitted, unstuffed, diced,  chopped olives (I used home brine cured fresh Penna greens)
  • ½ medium onion diced
  • 2 cloves garlic, crushed
  • 1 Qt chicken stock
  • 1 C heavy cream
  • 6 T flour
  • Seasonings to taste, salt, pepper, red pepper flakes


Olive Soup Recipe

Sweating veggies

Make a roux with 6 T flour and 3 T oil, cooked and stirred until it’s a dark paste.

Soak your diced olives in water for an hour to remove some of the salt, if desired.

Add 3 T oil, garlic, onion, and 2/3rds of the olives to a skillet, saute while stirring until the onions are sweated.

Take the skillet contents, along with 1 C of stock and puree in your food processor.

Place mix with balance of stock in sauce pan, simmer for 15 minutes, add cream. 

Olive Soup Recipe

Starting a Roux

Continue to simmer while adding the roux, stirring constantly until the soup thickens.

Add seasoning to taste, and garnish with remaining chopped olives.

(OK, garnishing with chopped olives didn’t work – they sunk!)  This is a delicious soup on its own, but it might also be great if you use it as a base, adding rough chopped vegetables or salad shrimp!

Dig in!

Olive Soup Recipe



Olive Deal of the Week


I’m a fiend for olives, as you know. I’m in the final weeks of my annual task of curing some raw ones at home, which I really enjoy.  My friends really enjoy jars of them for holiday gifts, or else they are really terrible liars.  I’m crazy for the olive bars in groceries now, except for the prices, which vary wildly.  You can find them at budget grocery stores for about $6.99 a pound, and at upscale groceries for anywhere from $11-$13 a pound.  Have you noticed they don’t have slotted spoons on the olive bars?  So unless you’re adept at scooping and draining, you can end up paying for brine.  Maybe you want that, I don’t.

But the olive deal I am currently smitten with is at Wal-Mart.  Delallo, an Italian food manufacturer in Pennsylvania,  about 25 miles SE of Pittsburgh, has olives in a tub, usually found up near the deli counter with the specialty cheeses. They have several different 7 oz tubs, some are Greek, some are mixed, and a host of others.  Here’s the big news. They are regularly $2.48.  That’s less than $5 a pound.  Eureka!

And btw?  They’re delicious.  You can order Delallo’s other products online, olives, pasta, sauces, oils, and more.  Delallo claims to have given us the grocery store olive bar.  So we can thank them for that!

DeLallo Olives

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