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Portland, OR – Blitz Ladd (for pizza)


Mrs. Burgerdogboy was having a lunch biz meeting here and offered to bring me something home.  (She is SO good to me!)  I went with the pizza, simply because a) I haven’t had pizza in awhile, and 2) I had not tried Blitz’s and it would give me something to write about.

I asked her to get the “People’s Pizza”, which promises 18″ of fun topped with salami, ham, Italian sausage and bacon.

While she was waiting for her take-out order, Mrs BDB talked to the chef a bit, who came out and asked if everything her party had was OK.  Chef explained the difference between the various locations of Blitz – was has just opened in SW on 99w.   Menus and themes vary at each location.

The pizza arrived at our house a short time later, still warm from the oven. It’s a monster pie – 18″, most shops version of large is 14″, and the pie was esthetically pleasing.

I knew at first glance that I would love the crust – thin and cracker like, promising crispy crunching at the edges, and chewy goodness as one progressed inward towards the middle.

Toppings were ample, and while I am not usually a fan of crumbled and diced toppings, preferring hand-pulled or sliced chunks, instead, but on the Blitz’s pie, this method really worked – due to the quantity of toppings used – flavor extended across the entire diameter.  Whole slices of salami dotted the pizza in a concentric circle.

The sauce and cheese are to my liking – blending in with the other flavors, neither overpowering the other.   Applications of finely diced garlic, and an ample sprinkling of herbs round out the taste of the Blitz pizza.

Two things I look for:  On a thin crust, the effect that NY “hang” has on the toppings; when you hold a slice and it slumps over, do the toppings all end up in the box?  Not so with Blitz.  Second?  How does the pie fare the next morning, having sat in the box all nite?  Blitz?  Excellent.  Enjoying left overs right this second, and with an 18″ pie, there are ample leftovers!

Pizza, like all foods, is a very personal thing.  One has their likes and dislikes.  I haven’t been too happy with pies in Portland, despite the raves some restaurants receive from their customers.    My favorite to date has been from Cara Amico on Barbur.

Today, Blitz knocked off Cara Amico and moved to the top of my Portland list! (Add sliced Silician-style olives as a topping choice, you’ll move near the top of my all-time favorite list as well!)

All Meat Pie from Blitz-Ladd


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Beaverton, OR – Ringo’s Bar and Grill


ringo extWhen Mrs BDB says “it’s time for a cocktail”, one doesn’t argue – at least I don’t. I know better. I just slam the car into reverse or the nearest parking spot, as the case may be, and out we go. Today it was in beautiful (?) (sic) Beaverton, and the nearest purveyor of potables was a placed called “Ringo’s”, referred to at different places online as “Ringo’s Tavern,” or “Ringo’s Ale House.”

It should be called “Ringo’s Bar, Restaurant, Video Poker, Pool Table, and Wii Emporium,” cause that sums it up.

We were just gonna have a bump and maybe split an appy, but I looked at the menu, and there were interesting things afoot, so I declared “I’m getting a burger,” and Mrs. BDB said “I’m getting a martini.”

ringo apps PNGAnd so we did. She also ordered an appetizer sampler, whereby you can choose 3 fried thingies from a list of six and get a side of fries or tots on top. She went with fried shrimp, wings, and (drum roll) fried dill pickles, plus the side of tots for me.

The plate came with a side of ranch and a dollop of cocktail sauce, and we both pronounced the appetizers pretty darned ok. As you can see, one of the tots was so eager to swim in the Ranch, it jumped right in as soon as the plate was put in front of us.

I went with the “Everything But the Pool Table” burger, 1/3 pound of (fresh, never frozen) from local Fulton Meat.  The buns across the street from Beaverton Bakery.  Very nice buns.    The toppings on the Everything burger were bacon, ham, swiss and american cheese, lettuce, tomato, and special sauce.  I skipped the salad and the special sauce, and asked for mine with pickles and raw onion, yellow mustard on the side.

The pour condiments were “House” brand (Sysco) but good enough.   The burger was more than OK, as well, I disassembled, as per usual, and ate it in pieces.  I didn’t ask where the pickles were from, and should have.  Nice crunch, nice dill, pickle chips (as opposed to the fried pickles, which were spears) (and yes fried pickles are nice, especially with the Ranch).

It’s not at all a spendy place, and they have a nice variety on the menu, typical American fare.  Other patrons crowed about the broasted chicken.

Oh, what’s with the salad next to the burger you ask? Choice of sides was fries, tots, or salad. Since the app platter came w/ tots, i chose the salad so Mrs BDB could enjoy some rabbit food.

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ringo burger PNG

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