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Jubelts Restaurant Review Route 66 – Litchfield, IL

Jubelts Restaurant Review

Pony “Horseshoe” Plate

Dating from 1922, Jubelts is arguably the oldest surviving restaurant on the original US Route 66 segment in Illinois.  It’s about halfway between Chicago and St. Louis.

Functionally a full bakery with attached restaurant, the eatery is open to serve delights from all three meal dayparts.

It was late when I rolled in, and I was really looking for a motel to crash in, but when the lightbulb went off that this place was what I remembered it to be, I had to try it.

Although faced with a very lengthy menu,  as well as a full page of specials, when I’m in central Illinois, there’s really no choice for me but to get a “Horseshoe” – a plate unique to the area that many say originated in the Springfield area.

A “shoe” is two pieces of toast, with your choice of protein on top (burger, ham, pork, bacon, chicken) topped with fries, and then cheese sauce or sausage gravy. Throw in a couple of fried eggs in the middle there, if you’re inclined.

The “pony shoe” is a downsized version, and that was just fine for me; i chose another regional speciality, the fried pork tenderloin as my protein.  A tenderloin in these parts (and Indiana, and Iowa) is a lean piece of pork hammered very think, battered, deep fried, usually served between a terribly inadequately-sized bun.

In this case, it was in the middle of my pony.  Opted for cheese sauce, probably gravy would have been better.

Nevertheless, if you’re getting your kicks on Route 66, plan your day’s drive to hit Jubelt’s. Good grub.  Jubelts Restaurant Review Route 66









































Jubelt's Bakery & Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Jubelts Restaurant Review
Jubelts Restaurant Review


Springfield, IL – Charlie Parkers Diner Review


Charlie Parkers HorseshoeThree things Springfield, Illinois is known for, not in order of any particular importance: possibly the birthplace of the corn dog; home of the locally famous horseshoe sandwich; and some dead president with a big hat.

My reason for stopping was to grab a breakfast horseshoe, Texas toast on a plate, with your choice of breakfast meat, eggs, gravy or cheese sauce or both, and topped with taters.  Lunch versions add different protein choices, like a burger, fish, or fried chicken, with an option of swapping out tots for hash browns or American fries.

Housed in a vintage WW2 quonset hut, Charlie Parker’s is one of several choices you have for popping your horseshoe cherry, and a choice I’m glad I made.  Once again, better than my expectations for a “local legend”, my only disappointment was not with the food service of ambiance, but rather my own lack of capacity, wishing I could try more than one version at a setting.

The regular ‘shoe” comes with two pieces of toast and double meat servings;  a lesser size, for us mere mortals, is called a “pony shoe” and is more of a single serving.

May well be the best breakfast potatoes I have had anywhere, bar none.  Service was cheery and helpful, despite a jammed room and long wait.

Charlie Parker’s may well be a must stop for every visitor to the dead president city or traversing America’s most famous highway, Route 66. Menu.


Charlie Parkers Horseshoe

Breakfast Shoe

Charlie Parkers Diner Review

Charlie Parker's Diner on Urbanspoon


Gallup, NM – Big Cheese Pizza



Big Cheese Pizza, Gallup, NM

Big Cheese Pizza, Gallup, NM

While I love the old motels on Route 66, I picked a crappy one in Gallup.   I love the old architecture and neons, especially the ones that say something like “It’s Cooooooooool Inside,”  with graphic of a penguin or polar bear, saying they have AC. Or the ones that have a multicolored sign resembling the old NBC peacock bragging about “COLOR TV.”

Long before the days of “Yes, we have HBO”, or “Free continental breakfast and wi-fi in the rooms”.   Spoiler alert: Ask very specific questions when checking in at the front desk, especially in the value chains and independents.   Overall, tho, I find the independents to have better wifi than the value chains (Super 8, Motel 6, Days Inn, etc). Wouldn’t appear to me that the franchisors have standards in this category yet.   In any case.

So I am in this crappy motel, in which the neon said “kitchenettes”, but neglected to say that the actual appliances had been removed some time ago, and were for sale in the parking lot. (Hey, it was dark!).   So I had a kitchenette sans kitchen.  A big empty room.   Any further description of the motel would take us far afield from what I started to write about.

A couple times per week on these trips, I look for the local pizza, as you well know. Driving up and down the depressing streets of Gallup, and using “find” on my ATT portable communications device, I found nothing. Gallup has sure seen better days. The only recently opened business I spotted was the “Fetish Shop.”  Wonder how they are doing?

Driving south on old Route 66 towards the end of town, there were the typical strip malls and national fast food chains, but I was coming up bupkus on the pizza thing. Then I spotted “Big Cheese Pizza.”  I’ve been to other places with the same name, clearly not related to this one.   But by all appearances, this would seem to be a franchise, but I couldn’t find a reference to that online (nor their own website), nor could I find a logo resembling theirs using Google image search. So I don’t know. That grin looks awfully close to the character on Spongebob, I think.

Basically, this Big Cheese is smallish version of Chuck E. Cheese, or Showbiz Pizza, if you remember those.  Are they still around? The Big Cheese in Gallup has an ordering counter, salad bar (caution: notice says “side of ranch dressing, 54 cents”)  –  WTF? The menu board confused me, (not a surprise), I thought it showed that one medium pie was $23, but inquiring, I found that was the price for two, if you were going that way.

The place was fairly clean, well lit, and I would say it was almost new, except for noticing that some of the letters on the signage were worn from people’s hands pushing against them. There is a dining room, and a room just for parties, which was closed with a sign that said “for parties only.”

There is a modestly sized game room, with the usual assortment of Skee-ball, arcade, and pinball machines.  There are no robot stage performances, any bouncie type things, or a pit of those pee soaked plastic balls.

I ordered an “all meat” pizza, medium, paid, and the manager said it would be about 8 minutes.  I wandered into the restroom (clean), and watched kids play the games, then located myself in front of the viewing window that overlooked the pizza prep area. The cook took a dough ball and put it thru a sheeter, finishing the crust by hand.

Each handful of toppings was carefully weighed, and I noticed the sausage were pre-cooked crumbles.   This is probably from Roma Distributing, one of the nation’s largest suppliers to pizzerias.  I surmise this only because Roma is the supplier of Big Cheese’s condiments (peppers, cheese packets, etc).   Could be wrong.  I was once.  Doesn’t matter.

My pie was delivered on the timeline they promised, and I took it to the car, back to the shithole motel, opened the box, and conducted my visual and tactile analysis before digging in.

Medium thickness crust, ample toppings, nice pepperoni, aroma of bacon.   Crust firm enough for there to be no slippage or noticeable hang.   In other words, it was pretty good for what it was.  For my tastes, it had better flavor and texture than the HUT, Caesar’s, or Dominos.    It was slightly more spendy than the other places, but someone has to subsidize the Skee-Ball and ranch dressing!

A-ok, Big Cheese.  If you are a chain or franchise operation, please send me a link to the corporate website.


Big Cheese Pizza, Gallup, NM

Big Cheese Pizza, Gallup, NM

Big Cheese Pizza on Urbanspoon


Flagstaff, AZ – Galaxy Diner Reviews



Galaxy Diner, Flagstaff, AZ

Galaxy Diner, Flagstaff, AZ

Gettin’ my kicks, on Route 66, which I do a leg of at least a couple times per year.

Most recently, tooling thru Flagstaff, I came across the Galaxy Diner, a joint I hadn’t noticed before.  It had a lot of promise from the get go – great neon, roadside location on 66, lots of chrome inside and out.

Every inch of the interior walls were covered with memorabilia, movie stars, music, platters.  All the trappings of the 50s and 60s, existing in an age where only old fuckers like me ‘get it’.    If I took Mrs. BDB in this kind of place, she’d stare blankly at the photos and say “who are all these people?”  (She’s a young’un).

So I felt instantly at home at the Galaxy, and stopped to eat breakfast, cause I love diner breakfasts, any time of day or nite, and most great diners serve breakfast anytime, day or nite.

It didn’t take long with the menu to spy my choice:   the “MONDO”.   An ‘oversized’ portion of chicken fried steak, biscuits and gravy, ‘diner potatoes’, and 3 eggs your style. (Over easy, please).

In almost as little time as it took me to choose, my affable server appeared with my selection, and didn’t need to ask if I wanted any additional condiments, a full selection sits on every table.

The 50s and 60s music provided a nice ambiance this sunny Arizona morn, and the only anachronism was a couple of large televisions blaring CNN. Wish they’d lose those.

My plate lived up to its menu description, there were two over-sized slabs of CFS, the three eggs were done perfectly, the “diner potatoes” left a bit to be desired for my personal taste, but that’s my fault, I should have asked for them to be extra crispy.   They were thin-sliced taters grilled on the flattop.

.The over-sized biscuit was drenched in sausage gravy, and the gravy also adorned the steak.   Bonus?   The food was all perfectly seasoned,

I tend to use way too much salt, and didn’t raise the shaker once on my breakfast, after tasting the grub. (No, I am not one of those who seasons before tasting, Mrs BurgerDogBoy is prone to pouring Tabasco on anything that’s not moving before the first bite).

This place, to me, was diner perfection.  It’s one of those places I want to poke my head in the kitchen and tell the chef, “that was art.”

Which it was.


Galaxy Dinner, Route 66, Flagstaff

Galaxy Dinner, Route 66, Flagstaff

Galaxy Diner on Urbanspoon


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