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Taipei City, TW – JB Burgers


World famous French entertainer Guillaume Cadilhac checked in with us from a stop in Taipei City at JB’s Burgers, which has been around a few years, and was started by some ‘expat experts’ in burgermania. Cadilhac’s performs under the name Kayoumin, and delights Asian audiences with Mandarin renditions of French love songs.

JB’s offers a loaded up burger for TWD 225, or about $7 US. Their regular hamburger clocks in at about USD $3.00, and you have your choice of beef or pork patties, with a lot of extra toppings, which range from the simple (peanut butter, at 50 cents) to the sublime (blue cheese, at a buck). Add an extra meat patty for $1.80.

A veggie patty is also available. Like most fast food outlets in Asia, JB’s offers a full range of beers along with traditional soft drinks. Fresh cut fries with dipping sauces are the the standard issued side order.  A side of vegetable sticks is available as a healthier option.

Cadilhac pronounced the burger as “pretty good”, but we were more impressed with his fellow diner, whom we would find distracting enough as to not remember the burger.

Ah, but for the French…….food and amore, eh? Thanks for the note, Guillaume!


Taipei City, ROC – Burgerhood


Asian Burger Reporter Kayoumin checked in from Taipei today, where he visited “Burgerhood,” and pronounced the bacon/cheese burger as good as any in the US (we did a burger tour of the Southwest some years ago where his favorites were Whataburger and In N Out.)

He had no idea why the German flag was planted in the burger.    I looked for other descriptions/reviews online and found one in Mandarin, which machine translation puked out this version in English.  If you’ve lived or traveled in China, you know this makes perfect (non) sense!

The fries just exploded the loose rosin fragrant fries primary taste not too many processing quantities, although not many, but very delicious here draws a city, in has in the victory and defeat situation to look that mutually which style decoration you did like with the atmosphere Bravo comparison.

BTW, check out Kayoumin’s website if you’re looking for a French National Entertainer who sings love songs in Mandarin!  (And who isn’t?)

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