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Papa Murphys 5 Meat Stuffed Pizza Review


Papa Murphys 5 Meat Stuffed Pizza ReviewPapa Murphys is the result of the consolidation of two mini-chains in the early 1980s. Papa Aldos in suburban Portland, OR, and Murphy’s in Petaluma, CA.

The unique hook for the now global, 1500+ store chain is (as far as I know) the only national chain offering strictly “take and bake” pies.  They make them to your specification at the store, you tote ’em home and bake them.  There was some discussion of them starting to bake in-house, and delivery, too, but as far as I can see, neither has happened.

Sidebar: There was a take and bake operation in my hometown, independent, (don’t remember the name)  long before Papa Murphys started sprouting up everywhere. For some reason, my mom loved the place and the concept. Add to that, it was on top of a generic ‘take and bake’ (kidding) soda store, the “Pop Shoppe” which had a ton of flavors of soda, value priced, under their own name. Wonder what happened to them?  (OK, just found out, they were born, had explosive growth, died, now on the comeback trail)  (Backspace to the link, if you’re interested).

Anyway, Papa Murphys has a fairly large menu choice of toppings, types, and sizes.  I went with the five meat “stuffed”, which is crust, cheese, toppings, another crust, more toppings, more cheese.  This one packs Red Sauce, Canadian Bacon, Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, and Bacon topped with Ground Beef. They are big and they are heavy. There is a 14 and 16 inch size, and either one is priced at about half a comparable pie at local shops around me.

Takes awhile to bake, of course, but it’s satisfying and filling. No skimping on the toppings or cheese. Slightly sweet sauce. “Bread like” crust.  Overall appealing.  Easily feed your family.  Better (IMHO) than the big three, for sure.  They offer a couple sides, salads, and desserts.

Papa Murphys are everywhere. Check the website to find a store near you.  Menu below. Postscript. I went to the store in Woodstock IL (you’d recognize the town, where they filmed “Groundhog Day.”)   I had a coupon, and the owner said he couldn’t accept it, but he’d give me the same deal.  OK.  And he did.


Papa Murphys 5 Meat Stuffed Pizza Review

Right from the store

Papa Murphys 5 Meat Stuffed Pizza Review

Out of the oven at home


Papa Murphys 5 Meat Stuffed Pizza Review

Menu – click to enlarge

Papa Murphy's Pizza Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Papa Murphys 5 Meat Stuffed Pizza Review
Papa Murphys 5 Meat Stuffed Pizza Review


Leonardi’s Pizza – Inside Winco Stores


Winco is a low-priced, employee-owned grocery store chain across six states in the West, including multiple locations here in Oregon.  Inside most of the stores, you’ll find a Leonardi’s Pizza, featuring value-priced take and bake, or baked in the store, pizzas and subs from a counter at the front of the store.

They also sell bargain slices, tantamount to a quarter of a pie for $1.98.  Elsewhere in Portland, you can buy up to $6 a slice, for a much smaller (and skimpier, in some places) slice o’ pie.

Couple it with a Shasta from the nearby vending machine, and you have a quick meal for about $2.25.   Feed yourself or the kids on the long trip home from the market – tho I always recommend eating BEFORE grocery shopping.

Another fun thing, elsewhere in the store (usually around the cheese case) you can find Leonardo’s dough balls, if you are really feeling ambitious for the bake at home pizzeria experience.

A slice is a slice, and this one measure up, both in heft and taste.  It’s a respectable product, and $8.98 for a large whole pie, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better pizza value.

Winco Leonardo's Pizza

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