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Tavern on the Hill Follow Up – Duluth, MN


This is a follow up visit, six months after opening, of the Tavern on the Hill, in a new development near the University in Duluth, MN.   It’s the weekend of the annual world-famous “Grandma’s Marathon,” the foot race course that hugs the shore of Lake Superior.  Runners from all over the world (and locally) love the race for its relatively flat course and ideal running temps.

Minnesota bureau chief and his posse are no different, and, after finishing their own workout were looking for a little carb replacement therapy away from the race crowds.  They headed over the hill to hit the TOTH.

The restaurant has a deep menu, designed to appeal to most every taste; it includes burgers, sandwiches, artisan pizzas and flatbreads, as well as some vegetarian selections, from locally hand-culled produce….. and even sushi!

The group had two orders of wings, BBQ and with Frank’s, the latter which they preferred as use of Frank’s Buffalo sauce is not common with Duluth wings.

A small pizza was shared and enjoyed, by acclimation, the rings received a table full of applause, interestingly, as Duluth has a lot of good o-rings.

The kitchen is open late, which is a rarity in town.  Next time you’re in out in the city and desire a nice meal away from the tourist centers, check out the Tavern on the Hill.

Tavern on the Hill Review

“Frank’s” Buffalo Wings

Tavern on the Hill Review

Artisan Pizza


Tavern on the Hill Review

Onion Rings








Duluth, MN – Tavern on the Hill Review

Tavern on the Hill Review

Junior High Demolished

Due to an anticipated major shift in the demographics of school aged children, the city of Duluth, MN went through a significant reorganization of the public schools several years ago, closing some, modernizing some, and repurposing others.

Part of this plan was demolishing one of the two junior high schools (grades 7-9) in the eastern portion of the city, Woodland Junior, which is within spitting distance of the University of Minnesota’s Duluth branch.

The resulting large piece of vacant property and the adjacent woods, so close to the University, proved a lure for potential developers, who envisioned a large mixed use development similar to the Main U campus’ Dinkytown.

Apartments, retail, services, and restaurants are at the center of the plan, with the first couple phases now open.

The first full service restaurant to open is called “Tavern on the Hill,” and is part of the local Blackwoods hospitality group. The debut also marks the opening of the first full bar within staggering distance of the campus.

Tavern on the Hills ReviewThe restaurant touts its locavore connection, sourcing as much locally as they are able to, (which really doesn’t explain items like ahi and North Atlantic Salmon) and offer a very diverse menu of sandwiches, pizza, flatbreads, full plates, tacos and “sushi” (designed for the Duluth palate). Several menu items are new to the area, including fish tacos and dishes with bison meat.

A small ‘market’ just inside the door of the restaurant offers take-away menu items, prepared and packaged to go.

The Kawika and members of the Duluth burger posse hit the restaurant on 11/18, and reported having ‘one of the best tasting burgers’ they had experienced in a long time, crowing about the quality of the meat. Servers offered the burgers in one of two modes: “pink” or “not pink,” and the kitchen obliged.

Craft cocktails and beers are available, and the restaurant is open daily at 11AM, closing at 1 AM, except Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 2 AM.

Tavern on the Hill Review

Cheeseburger with Fries

Tavern on the Hill Review


Photos, with exception of “Junior High Demolished”  copyright 2014, used with permission.



Tavern on the Hill Review

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