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The Best Ground Beef in America


There’s a large group of burger lovers, both consumers and restaurants, who tout the wonders of New York beef purveyor Pat LaFrieda as the best burger supplier in the U.S.  LaFrieda services some of America’s finest restaurants with steaks and chops, and its various burger blends (original, short ribs, brisket,  and dry-aged) have taken on somewhat of  a legendary status.  The Original Blend has been a product of the company for decades, mixing short rib, brisket and chuck; no doubt about it, it’s a fine burger, with steak flavor and great texture.

But having samples burgers at opposite ends of the country from another supplier, Kansas’ Creekstone Farms, I’m convinced that Creekstone now holds the crown of “best ground beef in America,” without any question.

A relative newcomer on the purveyor scene, Creekstone features ‘hand picked Black Angus,” born and raised in the USA, humanely treated, with a high quality corn based diet.

Of course most restaurants order a custom blend to their own recipe, but when you find outlets thousands of miles apart, all serving a superb burger, well that says a lot about the source, doesn’t it?

My burger winners of the week (year? life?) are Epic Burger of Chicago, Tru Burger, Company Burger and District Donut, all in New Orleans.   All were outstanding.  Check out the individual reviews at the respective links.  Cook up some Creekstone at home, by ordering here.

Creekstone Farms Burger Review

Epic Burger




creekstone farms burgers



Epic Burger Review Chicago


Cooling my heels on a frosty downtown Chicago day, I bumped into Epic Burger, started in 2008 and now with eight Chicagoland locations.  A straightforward, simplified menu, namely, a burger, a chicken sammie, turkey burger, portobello burger, fries, salad, snakes and fountain drinks, period.

The emphasis is on quality ingredients, humanely raised, hormone free, and their beef supplier is Creekstone Farms of Kansas, which I personally believe now deserves the crown of the best burger supplier in America, bar none.

You can add a choice of three different Wisconsin cheeses, nitrate free bacon, and condiments of your choice.  Fresh cut thick fries with sea salt are available solo or in a combo.

Buns are baked fresh daily, the establishment uses real butter, cage free eggs, and the burger produce tastes like you grew it yourself.

The patties are amply-sized, have a nice little char crust and are obviously (note pic) hand-formed.

This is a real winner, as evidenced not only by my smile and warm belly, but by the company’s acceptance leading to its growth.  Great burger, great fries, great value.

Try one.  Or a double. Daily.


Epic Burger Chicago Review

Epic Burger Chicago





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Epic Burger Review Chicago

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