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Hillsboro, OR – Jamie’s Chicago Dogs


Jamie's Chicago Dogs, Hillsboro, ORNot a review, per se,  just a note that if you’ve been running all over the Portland metro area looking for a genuine Vienna Beef hot dog from Chicago, look no further than Jamie’s Chicago Dogs cart at 2nd and Main in downtown Hillsboro.

As far as I know, Jamie is the only guy peddling Vienna dogs in all of Oregon!  Jamie is on site from 10-3 M-F, weather permitting.  He’s got the real deal poppy seed buns, too, and if you’re not in the mood for a regular dog, try one of Vienna’s polish sausages.   Jamie’s whole story is here.



Portland, OR – Renner’s Grill – PDX’s Own Version of “Cheers”


Renner's Grill - Portland

Renner's Grill - Portland

I am cluttered with cliches today.  Adrift with adages.  Swimming with saws.  Proffering proverbs. Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs! (Yes, that makes no sense, I know). Renner’s Grill, in the Multnomah Village neighborhood of Portland, is a place “where everybody knows your name,” and “chief cook and bottle washer”  Marshall, proprietor, makes sure of that, introducing himself, his posse of co-workers, to you, and in turn, you to all his regular old-timers.

What makes a place like Renners feel like “home?”   When you know it’s a place of refuge, where you can relax, enjoy friendly banter, the beverage of your choice and here’s the important part – you get to do this among people you will quickly come to regard as “family”no matter who you are, where you come from, your lifestyle choice, your size, your shape, your skin color, religion, political beliefs, or any other category that makes you feel either invisible at one place, or makes you wish you were sometimes;  at Renner’s, you’re just “one of the gang”, and you’re welcome.

Renner’s has recently opened for the lunch rush, and has daily food (and beverage)  specials, inexpensive, “mean cuisine on the scene”, quality food.

Altho Mrs. BDB and I have popped in before, I waddled in yesterday because Marshall put up a new sign outside that he is now serving genuine Vienna Beef “Chicago style” hot dogs.   Do you know how rare that is in Portland?  I know you do.  Renner’s got ’em, the dogs that made Chicago famous.  Vienna Beef uses the finest cuts and secrets seasonings to make a plump, juicy, skinless dog, served on a poppy seed bun (do you know how hard THOSE are to find here?), and if you take it loaded up “Chicago style“,  you’ll enjoy it with the customary toppings of mustard, chopped onion, the ‘real deal’ neon green relish, pickle spear, tomato wedges, and celery salt!

Or any of a tumult of toppings, your choice.  Me?  I went for that bountiful beef biggie w/ only raw onion, and yellow mustard.   I wanted to “relish” the purity of the beef dog, and the oh so deliciouso softness of the poppy seed bun on its own.    Man, I’m drooling for one right now, what time do they open?

I added a side of fries, only a buck, and got a pile o hot, salty crisp shoestrings, far beyond my expectation for bar fries.  Amidst bar flies.  (ok, groan).

My foto doesn’t do justice to this bad boy banger;  I shot quick and sloppy so I could GET quick and sloppy with my dawg!

Renner’s is at 7819 SW Capitol in Portland, open 7 days.

Vienna Beef Hot Dog

Vienna Beef Hot Dog at Renner's

Renner's Grill and Lounge on Urbanspoon


Portland, OR – Chicago’s Windy City Hot Dogs


There’s a new Chicago hot dog in town, and it’s a real “wiener!” (Oh, I know, “groan.”). Chicago hot dogs aren’t all that easy to come by in Portland, and Chicago Italian Beef & Sausage combo sandwiches are even rarer. Yes, there is that place across the river run by that cantankerous old coot, but the differences are elementary. Windy City buys all their product from Vienna Beef, the preeminent Chicago vendor, and the “other guy” makes his own.

One could argue the advantage of either method, but if you’ve been to Chicago, or lived there twice, like I have, you get a craving for the “real thing”, and Windy City fills the bill, seemingly ordering all of their provisions (and decorations) from Vienna.

Windy City’s menu (below) covers the full range of Chicago style foods, from the loaded up Vienna hot dog (mustard, relish, chopped onion, tomato, pickle, sport peppers, celery salt on a poppy seed bun), to Italian Beef (with giardiniera or sweet peppers), the Maxwell Street Polish, and sides like cheese fries or chili cheese fries.

Windy City also has burgers on the menu, I’ll have to get back there to sample those, and I’m interested in chowing down on the “Rush Street Lunch”, chili cheese fries topped with a chopped polish and bacon.

Kid’s menu, a couple of beers, and meatball and pastrami sandwiches to boot!

Both the dog and the combo were spot on, exactly as one would experience in Chicago. For my money, (and that’s all that counts with me), Windy City’s Italian Beef is better than the other guys, because it is the familiar Vienna texture and seasoning.

Windy City is at 8680 SW Canyon Rd., call 208-3031 if you’re inclined to place your order ahead of time, or for carry out. Open 11-7 six days.

If you’re so inclined to order Vienna products by the dozen, to party at home, you can buy direct from the manufacturer.

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Portland, OR – Fried Onion Portland (Food Cart)


flying onion banner PNG

Can a New Yawker successfully peddle a Chicago hot dog to Portlanders?   One stop at the Fried Onion will make you coo an utter “oh, yes!”

The Fried Onion is another newcomer on the scene, and in a slightly unlikely location, NW Raleigh between 22nd and 23rd. (Actually midway in the block on Raleigh). Update: SE Third and Alder.

Affable folks, the Onion proprietors are experts in their field and experts on hot dogs.   The Chicago “Red Hot” is not “hot”, but rather a brand name, and, interestingly, the founder of Red Hots is the grandson of the founder of Vienna Beef, arguably, THE Chicago hot dog.

At least in my mind.  At least until today.

A nicely charred dog, skinless, ample in size, lovingly checked by the cook for the required doneness temperature (nice touch), and placed in a also slightly charred locally baked roll.   A dab or kraut at my request, and a squirt of yellow mustard, a dash of celery salt (homage to Chicago), and man oh man, that’s a great dog.  Great flavor, great taste, no overbearing smoke or seasoning flavor.   And a damned good size, as well.

So why did I order a burger as well?  How could I not?  I ordered it undressed, with a slice of cheddar, and you see that crispy protrusion off to the right?  Nope, it’s not bacon, but crispy melted cheddar goodness.  An ample sized hand-formed patty, lean, nice beefy flavor,  I ate it “as is”, and didn’t clutter it up with condiments, wanted to enjoy the taste and texture of the patty itself.

I couldn’t finish both the dog and the burger, oh, I could have in my salad days (did I ever really have “salad days?”)

Well, actually, I couldn’t finish the buns.  I ate the meat out of both the dog and burger, and didn’t leave a morsel behind. Caution: Red Sox fans pay extra, the sign sez. Menu is here.

Go the the Fried Onion.  Order.  Purchase.  Partake.  Enjoy.  Smile.

If you can’t get enough on site, it appears you can order Chicago style hot dogs delivered to your home.  I’m gonna.

The Fried Onion on Urbanspoon

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flying onion burger 2 png

flying onion dog png


Fried Onion Portland

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