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Otto and Anitas Bavarian Review, Portland, OR


I’ve lived a lot of places in my life, but nowhere til now where you could imbibe in multiple versions of a schnitzelwich! And despite my world travels, I don’t think I ever recall seeing “dill pickle soup” anywhere – where has this been all my life?!?!?

Otto and Anita’s, a smallish place (but the sign says they can host parties, meetings, receptions of up to 40!), in Portland ‘s Multnomah Village, caters to person craving modest German/continental fare – from schnitzels to sausages to Dover sole.

Pleasantly decorated thematically, the affable servers meticulously explain the menu choices, describe the daily specials, and serve your food in a pleasant and efficient manner. The traditional cuisine has not been “Americanized” per se, and is very reminiscent of similar dishes I have enjoyed in Germany and Austria.

For no particular reason other than enjoying my wife’s company, I took Mrs. BDB to lunch at Otto and Anita’s, and we whiled away an hour or so with a midweek noon sojourn.

She started with the dill pickle soup, which I happily finished (I love this stuff, quick, somebody find me the recipe!), and had the lightly sauteed Dover Sole Almandine, and I went straight for the schnitzelwich, on a very nice crusty French, with kraut, cheese, mustard, but sans sauteed onions, as I wasn’t in an onion mood. My plate had a mound of traditional German potato salad, which was sweet and tangy at the same time. Next visit, I will enjoy plowing through one or more of the spaetzle offerings as a side.

Mrs. BDB’s plate was too much for her to finish, and I had a few bites, the sole was flaky, lemony, with a light batter, pan-fried. Very nice.

My sandwich was good too, with the pork cutlet also lightly fried, a tangy mustard, and the bread was wonderful, I couldn’t finish the bread, but didn’t leave a single morsel of the cutlet behind.

Offering something for everyone, in addition to the traditional German fare, Otto and Anita’s has a few steaks, some salmon dishes, a bevy of salads, a kids menu, and a host of appetizers and small dishes. A lot of menu for a small place.

I’ll be happy to go back, I have my eye on their burger (of course), french dip, and traditional desserts.

Otto and Anita’s is open for lunch Tues- Fri, and dinner Tues-Sat, at 3025 SW Canby, just off Capitol Hwy in Multnomah Village.

Otto and Anita’s menu is online.

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Otto and Anitas Bavarian Review


Airway Heights, WA – Buckhorn Inn


Dinner and dancing? Knotty pine walls and timber rafters? Dead animals on the wall? Be still my beating heart!

buckhorn1It was “lunch” time, and I was rolling west out of Spokane on US Hwy 2, I love the old highways, and have had some memorable trips on Rtes 66, 20, 12, 61, and many more. Get off the freeway sometime and check out the old roads, you find gems like this, and the architecture of old highway motels tickles me to no end.

According to the host / manager / owner of the Buckhorn, it’s been around since the 40s, and was probably quite the hoppin’ roadhouse way out in the country, back in the day. Now it’s on a suburban stretch of chain stobuckhorn4res and strip malls, and you’d barely notice it if you weren’t scouring the roadsides for something unique.

The menu had been updated, particularly in the appetizer category, with “a foot of onion rings”, chicken sliders, mini-tacos, and tequila wings, but I hopped for tradition and went with the chicken fried steak and eggs, done perfectly to my order. I don’t believe the steak or gravy were prepared in house, they were what they were, but it was a fine start to a blustery day, and a great follow up to leftover Stageline pizza in the car.

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Portland, OR – Tabor “Schnitzelburger”


Among Portland’s many fine food carts, Tabor, at 5th and Stark, stands out for selling a variety of interesting and tasty cuisine from the Czech Republic and environs. Their menu, in addition to schnitzel (pork or chicken) on a bun, includes goulash, spaetzel, chicken paprikish and the like.

Being as it was “National Schnitzel Day,” I went for the Schnitzelburger, ok, they call it a SchnitzelWICH, but it’s cooked meat in a bun, so it’s a burger to me.

A lightly fried (HUGE) breaded pork cutlet, on a ciabatta with generous toppings of lettuce, a unique paprika spread, sauteed onions and horseradish. Usually I order my sandwiches plain, so I can see what the meat of the matter tastes like, but today I went with it loaded up the way they sell it. And it was grand.

It was almost 11AM and the lines were already starting to form at the hunk of food carts that sits between Stark and Oak, so I am glad I was early, the first customer at Tabor, and the wich was cooked to order.

I love goulash (they have their recipe on their website), and chicken paprikish, and will be back to checked out those, plus a fried muenster cheese sandwich that sounds great, too!

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