Palatine Inn Review – Palatine, Illinois


Palatine Inn Review

For over forty years, the family-owned Palatine Inn has served the Chicago suburb of Palatine and surrounding areas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I’ve been a customer for, let’s see, counting on fingers – thirty-five years at least.

The menus offer a range of American fare and Greek specialties because like many diners in the Chicago area, the owners are Greek!

I’ve enjoyed (menus) breakfast, lunch, and dinner here, and there’s not one meal of the day I prefer over another.

Like most Chicago area diners of this ilk, there’s always a bread basket, a bucket of butter (thus the featured pic) and complimentary soup, offering a choice of one or two.  On this day, I opted for chicken noodle, extremely good, house-made noodles I would bet.

Palatine Inn Review

Club Sandwich and Fries

I opted for the club sandwich, always a dependable choice, fresh roasted turkey, bacon, tomato, mayo, crisp lettuce and white house, exceptional.  Fries on the side.  My table mate went for the pork chop and eggs, all perfectly prepared as ordered, a massive chop (you have an option of one or two), hash browns and she went with marble rye. This person is pretty good about attacking potatoes first, at any meal, but this day, potatoes and toast nearly went untouched, due to the size of the chop.

There are daily specials, always three soups to choose from, a wide selection of cakes and pies, and your favorite adult beverage should you choose.  Great coffee as well.  The Palatine Inn is open from 7AM – 9PM daily.

I only have one minor complaint.  The menu used to offer a “Queen Burger,” a local thing, burger patty is adorned with sliced green olives. No more. Sniff.

Palatine Inn Review

Pork Chop and Eggs, American Fries









Palatine Inn Review