Hello Fresh Review, Part 2

The other day I wrote about popping my cherry with home meal delivery service, HelloFresh.  I had received a pack of three meals (for two persons), a salmon meal, which I reviewed, chicken with orange glob, and peppercorn steak.  I made the chicken but won’t bother to review it, despite following the recipe to the ‘t’, the orange flavor wasn’t really present, and the chicken was kind of rubbery.  I didn’t spend enough time with the packaging, but it sure had the texture of being one of those “may contain a solution…” products.  Those proteins are beyond my palate.  The raw fennel/lettuce/orange salad (with white wine vinegar and EVOO) was good, but I have made that many times in the past.

The peppercorn steak?  A piece of beef, a sauce made from shallots, stock, water, pepper and sour cream, roasted potatoes,  and creamed spinach, also with sour cream. Spinach was great, sauce was easy, but I personally think a whole shallot in less than a half cup of sauce is going to be a rather strong flavor hit for most people.

Potatoes are fine, but oven roasted potatoes are something else I frequently make at home.  I added some diced garlic prior to baking, as that’s the way I like them.

The recipe called for pan frying the steak for four minutes a side, which I did, and produced a steak in the rare category.  This is a very lean piece of meat, and those who insist that beef flavor comes from fat may be disappointed.  I was disappointed that there were a couple of streaks of gristle.

The steak is a step up from say, Omaha Steaks or Schwans, and a step down from your local (the real kind, not the grocery one) butcher.  Overall, it is a pretty well-balanced meal, and my favorite of the three I received.

I won’t be joining their plan, at about $11.50 a plate, I think I can do better at the grocery, and since with these “kits” one has to prepare and cook the ingredients, there is really no benefit for me.

Also?  I think it would be better if the recipe cards were larger, with each step illustrated by photos, and a larger font.  That’s all.

Hello Fresh Review
Beef before cooking
Hello Fresh Review
Sauteed Spinach with Sour Cream
Hello Fresh Review
Plated Meal

Hello Fresh Review
Hello Fresh Review

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