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“8” FMCG Incubator/Accelerator Portland, OR
American Broadcasting Co.* TV & Radio SE Asia
Asian Pacific Football League Professional Sports League Dallas, TX
Bravo Environmental Wastewater Remediation Seattle, WA
Casinobuilders* Online Gaming Portals New Orleans, LA
Catalist Group Media Advisory Group Hong Kong, SAR
CAVU* Oil and Gas Tulsa, OK
Chain of Eye Surgery Centers Start-Up Portland, OR
Charged Magazine Hong Kong, SAR
Computer Support Associates* Nationwide DSL Installer New Orleans, LA
Eco Vision Green Packaging Crescent City, CA
Elle Magazine Publisher Hong Kong, SAR
Europe Development/Lagadere International Media Company Paris, France
Firstcom Production Music Dallas, TX
Fox Television* TV Program Producer Los Angeles, CA
Game Show Network Cable Television Network Los Angeles, CA Internet Service Provider San Diego, CA
Hachette/Lagadere Media Global Media Company Paris, France
Henry Broadcasting Radio Station Operator San Francisco, CA
Interview Network Program Producer Dallas, TX
Kikuse Business Service Franchisor Singapore
Lee Communications* Media Company Davenport, IA
No Skinny Specialty Fashion Portland, OR
OPEC Trade Organization Vienna, Austria
Parker Communications Broadcaster Minneapolis
PFSI Sub Prime Auto Finance Vancouver, WA Online City Guides Guangzhou, PRC
PPV NW Wastewater Remediation Portland, OR
Proxity Digital * Technology Roll Up New Orleans, LA
Ringier Global Publisher Zurich, Switzerland
Scott Studios Digital Asset Management Dallas, TX
Small Business Affinity Marketing Company Portland, OR
Sound Ideas Sound FX for Radio / TV Toronto, OR
The Original Baby Accessories Portland, OR
TM Century * Program Producer Dallas, TX
Trinidad Entertainment Sport DVD Producer Los Angeles, CA
United Press International Global News Company London, England
Walt Disney Asia Pacific Entertainment Hong Kong, SAR
WebCboice TV Interactive Television Los Angeles, CA
Xumbrus Software Education Software Minneapolis, MN
Zomba / Jive Recorded Music London / NYC
  1. As employee, consultant, buy/sell side representation, interim C level officer, or strategic advisor

     * Denotes publicly held companies

 Peter Stromquist

Peter Stromquist