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Huntley, IL – Sammy’s Restaurant and Bar


Hard to believe I would find myself in this little burg twice in a lifetime, let alone twice in a month. But here I am, it’s Father’s Day, I deserve a nice breakfast out in the traditional Father’s Day tradition!

Sammy’s Restaurant and Bar is open for all meal services, and offers pretty standard “diner” fare, along with daily and nightly specials. There is a set lunch special menu, and the nightly specials are consistent from week to week, with the usual (for the area) fish fry on Friday’s.

Sammy’s doesn’t wait for the dinner hour for their fish fry, however, they start serving it up for the lunch crowed.

I went with Sammy’s variation of “Country Steak” and eggs, which in this case, did not include batter, fried beef, but rather a chopped steak patty with country gravy, two eggs, hash browns, and toast. I went with marble rye on the latter.

The beef patty is pretty ample, perhaps a half-pound pre-cooked weight, a food service type burger (meaning not hand-formed from fresh ground beef), and the gravy was good.

I was pretty happy with the service and food, and like so many small town places in the Upper Midwest, prices make the meals a really good value.

Sammy's Restaurant Huntley Illinois

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Portland, OR – John’s Cafe


johns ext png

I’ve been looking for a place like this; in fact, I’ve probably walked by this one a dozen times and never noticed it. If you want a crusty diner, so smack dab in the middle of the transient population center, and there it will be. Like John’s.

Short menu, short order, plain and simple diner food, with steak and eggs available all day, burgers, cold sandwiches, and dinner entrees that top out at $6.50. Dinners come with fries or mash, soup or salad, bread and butter – you could have a chicken fried steak, pork steak, cutlets, pepper steak, or shrimp. Except for the shrimp at 6.50, most of the dinners are less than five bucks.

Two men and an elderly woman, nice as good be, speaking in tongues to each other (Russian?), but cooing soft English to the customers, no matter what ilk the customer comes in.

I went with the bacon cheeseburger for a mere $3.75, and it was fine, absolutely fine. Came with piping hot crinkle fries. Onion, pickles, tomato, lettuce on the side.

Every food service person likes to add their own little artistry and my server’s stab at this was to balance the mustard pack on top of the ketchup bottle. Nice touch, lady, sez I.

I’ll be back.  You know I love a hamburger patty and eggs for brekky, and John’s does the trick.

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