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Superior, WI – Amnicon Bar (Review)


Amnicon Bar, Superior WisconsinKawikamedia and the Minnesota Burger Posse have embarked on a mission of checking out “dive” bars in the area.   This week, it was the Amnicon Bar s on the Corner of Tri Lake Road and County A out by Pattison Park. About 10 miles South of Superior, Wisconsin, on Amnicon Lake.

There are a number of lakes in the immediate area, Amnicon is reputed to be a hot bed for crappie, perch and muskie fishing.  According to the DNR website, the muskies range from 30-50″.

But fish wasn’t on the Posse’s menu, they enjoyed the burgers and coney island style hot dogs.

The coneys were Hormel natural casings, and were reported to be excellent.

The Amnicon burger came topped with ham and cheese and a side of curly fries.

 Amnicon Bar Superior Wisconsin


Amnicon Bar on Urbanspoon


Superior, WI – Aces on 29th


OK, follow the bouncing ball, as this story is even more confusing than the last one (Blackwater Lounge). Once upon a time, in downtown Duluth, MN, there was a venerable institution called ” Mr. Nick’s Burger King” – (Home of the famous Char-burger). Nick’s operated for years, with that name, until an upstart franchise burger joint who currently has a very scary “king” character as a mascot comes along and wants to open in Duluth. They negotiate with the Mr. Nick’s family, and eventually, a compromise was reached (the details were secret-like), and Mr. Nick’s dropped the “Burger King” name, and a couple or six BK restaurants opened in Duluth, and the Mr. Nick’s family was somehow involved with those. (Please don’t trouble me for the facts, I am off my meds and it’s hard enough to concentrate – LOL).

Fast forward a few decades, “Aces on 29th” opens in Superior, WI, boasting the original “Mr. Nick’s Char-burger recipe, as well as the o-rings Mr. Nick’s was famous for. Intrepid Minnesota burger reporter Kawikamedia stopped in and reports that the rings aren’t as he remembers, and the secret sauce is a catsup reduction with herbs and spices. He enjoyed the burger, tho!

For some reason the Google map notation says “place closed”, but it isn’t.

Pictured: Ace’s sign; Char-burger; Ace’s Interior; Exterior of original Mr. Nick’s.

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aces sign  PNG

aces burger PNG

Acesinside PNG



Superior, Wi – Anchor Bar


One would hope for two things:   1)  the name of the town also describes the upcoming burger one is planning on consuming, and 2) in Wisconsin, one had better find some pretty damned fine cheese, even if their cows are pissed off, instead of contented like in California.

We went in search of the “Gallybuster”,  which, although they couldn’t spell it correctly, promised a solid pound of ground beef and three slices of (your choice) of real cheese.    Diners in close proximity to us heard us talking over the proposed entrée, and upon hearing from them that we should try the “five pounder” at a place down the street, we thought, maybe we’ll save some capacity, and go for that tomorrow, instead of this paltry 16 ouncer!

So we ordered from the menu, which had some “different” combinations,  like the Green Olive and Crème Cheese burger;  the Sour Cream and Mushroom,  the Cashew and Swiss.

I ordered a combo I have never seen anywhere, despite having traveled the globe and  having consumed hamburger sandwiches for the past 116 years.

“The Reuben Burger” –   a heaping mound of sauerkraut and gooey real swiss cheese atop a finely grilled burger on a fresh bakery roll, accompanied by perfectly fried hand-cut fries.   The burger was served naked, and I ordered a nice chilled bottle of IBC RB to wash it down.

It was great.  Better than great.  This joy is easily in my top five for the week.  Worthy of “Superior.”



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