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Trident Fish & Chips Review


Trident Seafood ReviewSeattle based Trident Seafood is America’s largest seafood processor, with plants across the lower 48 and Alaska. They create seafood offerings for the retail and commercial markets. Consumer products are available under eight different brand names.  I picked up Trident brand’s “Alaska Fish & Chips” a heat and eat product of fried pollock and french fries.

This is an oven baked product, about 20 minutes at 450.  Usually my “complaint” if I have one, is failure of the fried food to get crispy, but such is not the case with this product.

The fish and fries come packaged separately (not sure why there is a difference in color of the cello), but can be baked together, same pan, same amount of time.  At my store, this was on sale for a little over five bucks, and the package claims it feeds two.  Four small fillets are included, along with an ample serving for the thick fries.

I am usually prepared to not like “heat and eat” fish, because budget fish sticks were regularly in appearance at my mother’s dinner table. Along with mayo with chopped chives for a ‘tartar’ sauce.  They weren’t very enjoyable.

Fortunately, there is nothing about Trident’s Fish & Chips that reminds me of those old fish sticks.  This  is great.  Fish and fries are crispy, with great flavor.  Easy to fix, and at full retail, about $3,00 per plate, which is a bargain these days. There are other varieties, as well.

Trident and their sister brands are available in grocers about everywhere, and some of their products are available at their own online store.

Trident Seafood Review

                                   Out of the box

Trident Seafood Review

                                  Into the oven

Trident Seafood Review

                                Pollock fillets

Trident Seafood Review

                       Trident’s Seattle Operation

Trident Fish & Chips Review

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