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7-Eleven Frozen Pizza Review – Nationwide

7-Eleven Frozen Pizza Review A few years back, 7-Eleven made some rather dramatic decisions – to go into the hot, ready to eat food business and to replace many of the standard shelf offerings with house brand merchandise ( 7-Select). Both moves appear to have been very successful. With a history that dates back to the 1920s, and originally […]

Mama Cozzi’s French Bread Pizza Review – An Aldi Product

Another Aldi product this week, actually did this one some time back, didn’t write it up. Mama Cozzi’s is the brand name the Aldi grocery chain has cooked up for their frozen and fresh (take and bake) pizzas. I’ve tried a lot of them, including the one I wrote about directly below, and a “Mega […]

Red Baron Deep Dish Singles Review

I like to check in with the mainstream frozen pizza choices once a year or so.  See if they’ve improved, changed at all. For the most part, I don’t care for any of them, with the exception of hyperlocal brands like Vito and Nicks in Chicago (absolute #1 favorite), and for the pies at Trader […]

IONutrition Meal Home Delivery Review

Used to be if you wanted to take advantage of a “home meal delivery” service, the companies that were available in the genre were focused on weight loss; or you could try and put together your own plan with a company like Schwans. But lately we been presented with  a gaggle of choices from different companies, […]

Hello Fresh Review, Part 2

The other day I wrote about popping my cherry with home meal delivery service, HelloFresh.  I had received a pack of three meals (for two persons), a salmon meal, which I reviewed, chicken with orange glob, and peppercorn steak.  I made the chicken but won’t bother to review it, despite following the recipe to the […]

HelloFresh Reviews – Home Meal Delivery

A few years ago, I was offered a job running a home meal delivery company; it was an interesting concept, but there were bound to be some chemistry problems with the founders, so I passed. But I have noted the growth of the segment over the years, and how many different niches the industry has […]

Home Cookin’ – Red Baron Classic “Awesome New Recipe!”

So sez the box, promising premium cheese, hearty toppings and 4 meats (sausage, pepperoni, hamburger and ham with natural juices).  “Pepperoni made with pork, chicken, and beef.” Red Baron is part of the Schwan Company, out of SW Minnesota, purveyors of frozen pizzas and home delivery of heat n eat meals as well as other […]

Compare & Contrast – Red Baron French Bread Pizza

I’ve reviewed Red Baron products  before, frozen pies brought to you by the good folks at Schwan’s from Minnesota, my home territory. (Many believe Minnesota is the birthplace of frozen pizza, courtesy of Rose Totino, and later, Jeno Paulucci). Today I wanted to take the two French bread pizzas and compare them by cooking one via […]

Home Cookin’ Test – Red Baron Fire Baked Pizza

     From deep in the frozen pizza capital of the U.S., Marshall, Minnesota (????), comes this new offering from the Red Baron Brand, part of the Schwan’s Food Company. The  “Fire-Baked Original Crust Italian Style Meat Trio” is one of a plethroa of new types of pies the frozen pizza industry has introduced of late. […]

Tonys Pizza Review – Garlic Cheese “Bread”

  Schwans, a Minnesota company primarily in the direct to consumer (home delivery) food business, acquired the Tony’s Brand in 1970, and started selling the pizzas direct to consumers, and eventually, to grocery stores.   Tony’s is part of a much larger portfolio at Schwans now, which also includes the Fruschetta and Red Baron pizza […]

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