Compare & Contrast – Red Baron French Bread Pizza

I’ve reviewed Red Baron products  before, frozen pies brought to you by the good folks at Schwan’s from Minnesota, my home territory. (Many believe Minnesota is the birthplace of frozen pizza, courtesy of Rose Totino, and later, Jeno Paulucci).

Today I wanted to take the two French bread pizzas and compare them by cooking one via microwave, the other in a conventional oven.

The instructions are straightforward.  For microwave, remove wrapper, then zap 2-3.5 minutes.  For conventional, preheat to 375, bake on cookie sheet 20-25 minutes.


Can you tell which loaf was cooked in which oven?  Wait for it….. wait for it…  the one on the left is the microwave product.  Surprised?  Me to.

Major differences to my senses?  The microwaved product is actually more visually appealing to me, and although the conventional oven one, the bread was “crispier”, overall taste did not differ between the two.  The limitations with “basic” microwaves remains the same, however, and that is uneven cooking, even with a carousel.  I’m guessing this product turns out much better in an up to date microwave.

But the taste is fine, mild sauce, slightly spicy pepperoni, a bit oily, but overall,  for me, the flavor and texture is better than a lot of ‘regular’ frozen pies.

I’d buy them again.


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