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Chicken Fried Steak Recipe – Weekend Breakfasts At My House

When I was growing up, it was etched in stone  that the family had a big Saturday breakfast together; often my dad cooked the elaborate set-up, which might have been steak and eggs, pancakes or waffles, fruit turnovers, sausage or bacon. It got so that friends of me and my siblings wanted to do sleepovers on Friday nites just for the […]

Home Cookin’ – Chicken Fried Chicken – Banquet Frozen Dinner Review

The box says “A good source of protein”.  I wonder if they meant the box, instead of the contents?  A piece of chicken fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and corn kernels, six minutes in the microwave, two minutes rest, and you have a really low cal (300) lunch or dinner. That’s the good news.  Unfortunately the […]

Banquet Frozen Chicken Fried Steak Meal

Another in a line of inexpensive frozen “dinners”, the Banquet brand (ConAgra) Chicken Fried Beef Steak Dinner comes with a breaded meat patty, whipped potatoes, cream gravy, and kernel corn. About 10 ounces in all, 43 carbs, and nearly half your daily sodium requirement. The instructions call for microwaving on high for 3 minutes, stir […]

Claim Jumper Frozen Chicken Fried Steak

Isn’t it amazing how fast food has permeated our lives?   Not only do we grab a meal on the go in our car, but now we have scads of restaurant-branded food in the grocery stores.  Were White Castle Burgers first?   Now we can get Taco Bell products, TGI Fridays, myriad pizzas, Marie Callender’s, and now, […]

Chicken Fried Bacon? Heaven!

This story from “Delish” at Unusual State Fair Foods This ode to bacon won the award for Best Taste at the 2008 Big Tex Choice Awards. Creator Glen Kusak had been a fair vendor for 12 years running, but 2008 marked his first year entering the annual State Fair of Texas food contest. Full […]

Southern Fried Chicken Recipe

Mrs. Burgerdogboy asked me to take a whack at fried chicken; usually we’d head to that chain the late New Orleanian Al Copeland created – Popeye’s, but it was one of those (one?) gloomy Portland days and we were resolved to (mostly) not leave the bedroom. So here’s my concocted recipe, which turned out real […]

Sweet and Savory Fried Chicken Recipe

As you can probably surmise, I’m always screwing around in the kitchen, looking for a different way to do prepare something.  Today I stumbled onto a method that I think is good enough to share. Someone gave me a canister of “honey wheat” pretzels, which ordinarily I wouldn’t think of buying or consuming, I generally […]

Fast Food Reviews – Kentucky Fried Chicken Tenders

Earlier this year, I did a compare/contrast of chicken fingers in the deep south;  I had a hankering for the white bread of the poultry world tonight, and Popeye’s would be my usual choice, but the two closest were too far away. So I went to KFC.  I’m old enough to remember when that stood […]

JJ Fish and Chicken Review, Rockford, IL

I’ve been on a tear for fried fish lately. Is this genetic? My dad was a nut for fish of all kinds.  He came to visit when I was living in Hong Kong and we had seafood morning, noon and night.  Having lived in Chicago twice before, I was never aware that “fried shrimp” was […]

Harolds Chicken Shack Review – Chicago

Harold’s Chicken Shack is a Chicago legend. Iconic to all who live on the South Side of the city, after 5 decades, Harold’s has spread to the burbs and even a couple of out of state locations.  On the menu? (Below) Fried chicken, wings, shrimp, catfish and assorted sides. I went with a combo plate, […]

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