Jays Krispy Fried Chicken Review, Sikeston, MO

Jays Krispy Fried Chicken ReviewOnce you’ve done “throwed rolls” (Lamberts) you’re left with few choices in Sikeston.  Jay’s Krispy Fried Chicken is one of them, and they’ve been around a long time. Also heard they have a buffet, so you know I’m down (up) for that.

Rolled in, ordered at the counter. “Do you want a breast or wings?”  Well, a breast, I guess, and they handed one over on a disposable tray and I headed to a table adjacent to the buffet area.

So apparently, unless I missed something, the “buffet”here is one piece of piping hot fried chicken and all the sides on the buffet you want. There were also unidentifiable (to me) chicken bits on the steam table.

Otherwise, standard fare, salad fixings, mashed, gravy, couple different beans, greens and the like. Might have had soup, too, I think. I loaded up.  I’m got a high degrees of confidence those side dishes came straight from a number 10 can delivered by Sysco or similar.  No matter, it’s a good value.  And the chicken IS exceptional.

I’d do it again, but stick to the menu.  They seem to do a brisk take-out and drive thru biz.  Open early.

Jays Krispy Fried Chicken Review

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Jays Krispy Fried Chicken Review

Jays Krispy Fried Chicken Review

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