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Jewel Osco Hot Food Bar Review

Jewel Osco Hot Food Bar Review  First time I ever recall seeing a “hot food bar” was in the corner delis and bodegas in New York City, must have been 30-40 years ago. That made sense, people rushing home from work, late, wanted a hot, somewhat balanced meal that they didn’t have to fuss with […]

Kegels Inn Review – Milwaukee, WI

If you’re an occasional reader, you know that I’ve been disappointed in the past when I’ve gone to an establishment that’s had the title of “City’s favorite for XXX decades.” Lots of those types rest on their laurels, or the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th generation think they “know better.” But I’ve been on a roll […]

China Dragon Review – Algonquin, IL

I haven’t had Chinese in let’s see….over two years.  Wasn’t intentional, just happened.  Prior to that, I could have it a couple times a year, but was most always disappointed.  Since I lived in China, I just haven’t been satisfied with “Americanized Chinese.”  Even going to major city Chinatowns and asking for the dishes I […]

DeLish Hot Dog Puffs

(Good &) deLish is one of Walgreen’s food brands, along with Nice!  and a couple others.  They have a lot of heat and eat foods in their coolers these days, including burgers, sandwiches, pizzas and appetizers.  I’ve tried the burgers and the pizza. These hot dog puffs come in a pack of 8 for $2.50 […]

Chicago, IL – Czech Plaza Review

When I was younger, I used to make my restaurant selection by noting whether or not five words emblazoned their front door: “Most major credit cards accepted.”  These days my criteria tends more to noting their longevity in business, and I am especially happy to sample most restaurants that have been around fifty years or […]

Oktoberfest Duluth Style

Oktoberfest, the original, in Munich, Germany, is reportedly the world’s longest running annual festival. Started in 1810, it draws visitors from all over the world to imbibe in local beers, and food like pork loin, sausages, and pretzels. If you can’t get to Germany the first two weeks of October, chances are, there is an […]

One Buffet Review- Hibachi, Grill, Sushi, Crystal Lake, IL

(April 2016 Update – it is now “Asian Buffet” no idea what these name changes are all about). (September 2015 Update – it is now “Top Buffet,” I cannot say whether it is different than the previous version).  (Now back to our old review). I love Asian buffets, even though I lived in China for […]

Skokie, IL – Kabul House

It’s one of those places where most “reviewers” are not going to be able to find fault;  nor will your average customer who walks in off the street. Affable hosts, prompt service, delicious food, artfully presented, and a fair price.  That’s the story at Kabul House on Oakton Street in Skokie. A soothing atmosphere with […]

Seattle, WA – Random Stops

(From our travel archives) Escaped from post-Katrina for a few days, ostensibly for business, but really for my sanity. I finally found a place where the Chinese food in the US tastes Chinese, a little place north of the city called Doong Kong Lau Haaka Cuisine. The “Haaka” were one of the nomadic tribes of China, and as such, […]

Duluth, MN – Pak’s Green Corner (Review)

What do hot dogs, steamed dumplings, curry, poutine, cous cous, burgers, penne with meatballs have in common?   Not a thing.  But you can enjoy all of these “world foods” and much more at Pak’s Green Corner at 40th and Grand in Duluth. Open only a couple of weeks, for lunch and dinner six days, […]

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