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Gino’s East of Chicago – Frozen Classic Sausage Patty Deep Dish Pizza

(From our archives) True “Chicago Deep Dish” pizza was ‘invented’ in the 1940s by Pizzeria Uno.   Some folks claim the Malnati family deserves the credit too.   But in 1966, two cabbies and a friend started Gino’s East in downtown Chicago, and for me, that’s the epitome of Chicago deep dish. Chicago deep dish should not […]

Billy Goat Frozen Burger Review – from Devanco Foods

The restaurant part of the legend of the Billy Goat Tavern began on Chicago’s South Side in 1934. Greek immigrant William Sianas paid $205 for the Lincoln Tavern. In 1964, Sianas moved the bar to its current subterranean location, and it’s here, underneath Chicago’s Wrigley Building on Michigan Avenue, that the modern part of the […]

Vans Frozen Custard – East Dundee, IL

I can probably count on one hand the number of times in my life some place or experience has exceeded my expectations. I can now add Van’s Frozen Custard and Burgers to that list. Housed in a remodeled Standard Oil gas station that dates back to 1927, Van’s is the creation of Tulane graduate Chad […]

Update: White Castle Frozen

I have reviewed a good quantity of frozen “heat and eat” burgers, including these in the past.  Other brands covered include Steak N Shake, Big Az, Fred Meyer (Kroger), Dollar Tree, Walgreens,  and Ball Park.   (Note, I am only referring to completely pre-cooked burgers, not frozen patties that need to be cooked in a […]

Frozen Edwardos Natural Pizza Review

The relative new kid on the block in Chicago pizzerias, Edwardos has been cooking up their special ‘stuffed’ pizzas since 1978 from multiple locations in the Chicago area. They are also available in the frozen food section at your grocery, or you can have them shipped. Despite the massive publicity Chicago pizza received courtesy of […]

Ginos East Frozen Pizza Review

Jon Stewart, the witty host of TV’s “The Daily Show” took off on Chicago deep dish pizza last week, as a postscript to a story about the new World Trade Center being named the tallest building in America.  Seems Mr. Stewart’s opinion of the 2nd city is less than favorable, and his pizza rant took […]

Home Cookin’ – Fatburger Frozen Hamburger Patties

Fatburger is a fast casual hamburger chain, which was launched and is headquartered in Southern California.   The original restaurant was opened by Lovie Yancey in 1948, and was called “Mr. Fatburger” for the first several years. Until recently, the chain has been mostly California-centric, but a limited amount of growth has come from international franchises.   […]

Home Cookin’ Test – Extra Value Frozen Beef Patties

I’ve  reviewed a lot of these frozen patties, and to date, I’ve liked Ball Park brand the most, even though they are a ‘heat and eat’ product, not a raw patty. Extra Value is an economy brand, manufactured by the Holten Meat Company, outside of St. Louis. I bought a package of a dozen quarter […]

Gino’s East Frozen Thin Crust Sausage Pizza

Last in a series of Chicago’s local frozen pizzas,  up today is Gino’s East Thin Crust Sausage.   Gino’s is well known for their Chicago deep dish, (recent review) but can they cut the cheese with a thin crust? We’ve previously looked at competing brands,  Home Run Inn and Reggio’s, and Connie’s. At $4 bucks on […]

Trader Joe’s Frozen “Kobe Style” Burger Patties

Geez, FINALLY.  Truth in labeling about a  “Kobe” burger.  You know those restaurants where you are shelling out $10-$20 for a “kobe” burger?  It ain’t “Kobe.”   It’s American beef in the kobe style, whose actual name is Wagyu.  The full explanation is in Wikipedia, so I won’t delve into it at this point.   It’s akin […]

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