Gino’s East Frozen Thin Crust Sausage Pizza

Last in a series of Chicago’s local frozen pizzas,  up today is Gino’s East Thin Crust Sausage.   Gino’s is well known for their Chicago deep dish, (recent review) but can they cut the cheese with a thin crust?

We’ve previously looked at competing brands,  Home Run Inn and Reggio’s, and Connie’s.

At $4 bucks on sale for 18 ounces, right away it’s a pretty good value.  Baking instructions call for 15- 18 minutes, middle shelf, 425, so we started with 15, and that was sufficient.

This is a seriously thin crust.  Cracker or less!  (fine with me)

Toppings are ample;  I prefer larger sausage pieces than Gino provides.  That’s just a personal thing. The sausage has a good flavor, on the milder side, but the sauce has a little bit of spice to it.   Overall?  It’s a good deal, and better taste/texture than the major frozen players, in my opinion.  I’d do it again.

To find it in a grocery near you, use their locator and grab some coupons, too.

To visit an actual Gino’s East, you’ll find them here.

Gino's Frozen Thin Crust Pizza

Out of the package, ready to bake


Gino's East Frozen Thin Crust Pizza

After 15 minutes at 425

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