Blues BBQ and Grill Review – East Dundee, IL

The Blues BBQ and Grill Review East Dundee

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So there were these guys, living in Maryland, disgusted with the state of ‘cue in the area, so they bought a truck and created their own.  From there, they have expanded to brick and mortars in  Virginia and East Dundee, IL.   The latter location seems like a stretch for managing, but hey, their working overtime leads to better meal opportunities for me.

I tried to get in here last time through town, but it was closed for a private party.  Not so tonight. “The Blues” peddles a variety of BBQ entrees and styles (KC, Memphis, Savannah).   I enjoy South Carolina / Georgia “yellow” BBQ, which was made famous, I suspect, by the late regional pitmaster Maurice Bessinger, and his regional chain of “Piggy Park” BBQs. In addition to the mustard based sauce, ‘cue in those parts are just as likely to use chopped ham as pulled pork.  It’s a tasty experience.

The full menu at Blues BBQ incorporates the ‘cue with a number of Southern staples and sides, like fried green tomatoes, collard greens and the like.

They make their sauces in-house, and the KC one leans toward the ‘sweet’ end of the taste spectrum, while the others are more the vinegar variety. They have a ‘secret’ kitchen seasoning they call “crack,” which they apply amply to many of the dishes.  If you’re sensitive to salt, as for your hand-cut, fresh fries unseasoned.

I’ve been blessed lately in the burger world, to have consumed some really outstanding beef patties, and tonight was no exception. Prepared as ordered to medium rare, the 8 oz slap o’ meat, dressed with lettuce and a crispy tomato was darned near burger perfection.  The toasted rolls are hearty, soft enough for your palate, but substantial enough to securely hold the patty.

As I previously opined, the menu is lengthy, and I’d stop again to try some of the other dishes – they also have a lot of appetizers that look interesting and some special craft cocktails if you’re into that.

Whether you find yourself in suburban Chicago, Roanoke, VA, or Frederick, MD, look up the Blues BBQ guys for some good grub.

Blues BBQ and Grill Review

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Blues BBQ and Grill Review

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