Advance Pierre Sausage and Cheese Biscuit

Dollar Tree Breakfast BiscuitContinuing in a series of economical foods, the Advance Pierre Sausage and Cheese Biscuit can be yours for a buck from Dollar Tree and other outlets. I’ve written about Advance Pierre quite a bit, they are the largest supplier of prepared sandwiches to c-stores, vending,  the military, schools and institutional users. They now offer fresh sandwiches as well, through the acquisition of Landshire Foods.

My introduction to them since I started building this site was about five years ago, via their “Big Az” Angus Charbroil, which I found stuck in the freezer section of my neighborhood c/liquor store.

“Fast Bites” is not listed as one of their brand names on their own website, so I am guessing it is the name they have developed that applies solely to their products at Dollar Tree – burgers, chicken, sliders – even their dollar “fishwich” is respectable, certainly as good as any of the fast food ones.

I rarely….ok…never get a breakfast sausage product at fast food places, just don’t care for it.  Much prefer any bacon / egg concoction, with my preferred still being the ‘toaster’ at Sonic. Breakfast ‘stuff’ between two slices of Texas toast.   Recently had a BK bacon egg biscuit, and even that seemed a step up from McDonalds. Of course, if you’re in the hunt for the best fast food biscuit, you won’t be disappointed by Hardee’s or Bojangles (the latter being the only fast food chain in America that serves a slice of REAL ham!). (Sadly, you’ll only find Bojangles in 12 eastern states).

So, back to the dollar store biscuit, 90 seconds in the microwave in the plastic wrap (vent one end), let sit a minute before consuming, and consume.

OK, odd, didn’t notice until I removed from the package that this sandwich doesn’t have egg.  Taste/texture?  Sausage doesn’t really taste like anything, but the melted processed American cheese-food substance rings true.  The biscuit, microwaved in its little steam bath plastic chamber, is anything but flaky….gummy would be a better word.  I thought maybe when it went through the one minute post cooking holding pattern, it would crisp up, as some microwave foods do, but no such luck here.  I’m always astonished that microwave foods have been around for more than half a century and nobody has figured out “crisp” yet.  What’s the deal?

Finally, if you come anywhere near following the government’s guideline for healthy eating, you’ll want to pass on this at 500 calories, 43 carbs, and 27 grams of fat.  The sausage patty contains corn syrup solids, protein concentrate and caramel color.

I’m gonna keep buying the Dollar Tree’s other sandwiches, but this one won’t be on my list.

Dollar Tree Breakfast Biscuit Review

Sausage and Cheese Biscuit

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