Banquet Boneless Pork Rib Review

Swanson Riblet ReviewLet’s file this one under two categories: 1) “things I’ve tried so you don’t have to”, and 2) “I don’t like ribs.”   I just never have liked ribs, though some other barbecue treats are a delight to me.   Funny, cause Mrs. Burgerdogboy can pack away multiple slabs at a time, and like a cur, when nobody is watching, she’ll crawl into a corner and continue working on the bones long after most diners would have tossed in the towel.  She guards them zealously, with her arm protecting her treasure, ex-con style.

We’ve made pilgrimages to BBQ meccas, together and apart. Together we delighted in the joints in Lockhart, TX, and all by my lonesome, I have traveled the NC BBQ trail.

Which brings us to the topic of the day.  Not even sure why this was in my freezer, I may have picked it up by accident from the $1 scratch and dent bin.

In appearance (and concept, I guess) the pork and ‘mechanically separated chicken’ patty resembles the infamous and mysterious McRib, that cult offering from McDonalds which only appears once or twice a year.

As ingredients are listed on a package in the order of weight, the bbq sauce is the largest component of the meal, followed by the mash, and then the meat patty, with corn holding up the rear.

Microwave instructions call for 3 minutes, stir potatoes, 2 minutes, then a 2 minute rest before consuming.

The sauce wasn’t bad, the texture of the patty was pretty unappealing to me, it may have been better slapped on a quality bun with onions and/or pickles.

I’d say it’s a quick and easy meal for kids, but it’s high in sodium and carbs.  If you don’t care, and you see them on sale, stock up!  Would I buy it again?  Hell, like I said, I don’t even remember buying it the first time, so no, HELL no.


Swanson Riblet Review

Frozen, out of the box


Swanson Riblet Review

Out of the nuke box (butter added)



Swanson Riblet Review

Plated, with butter & pepper added


Swanson Riblet Review

Close up of patty texture






Banquet Boneless Pork Rib Review

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