I-80 Truckstop Review – Walcott Iowa

I-80 Truckstop Review

The I-80 Truckstophttps://iowa80truckstop.com/, I love this place.  I’ve been stopping by here for 30 years, at least.  Think of it as a “mall for truckers,” but us regular folks can go too.  There are shops, displays, a food court, and a 24-hour restaurant, which is where I hit.  They have three buffets a day, fairly priced, as well as a full menu. BREAKFAST ANYTIME, which is what I went for mid-afternoon.

I ordered the “Country Fried Steak” and eggs, which came with hash browns and a myriad of choices for toast.  Marble rye, for me, please.

This was no ordinary CFS, actually breaded and fried on-site, too order, not a frozen patty mess from some foodservice supplier.  Eggs and taters were fixed just as I requested, and the toast was dripping in butter, which was fine with me.  It’s more flexible that way, better suited for mopping egg yolks. Excellent gravy by anyone’s measure.

Despite the massive amounts of foot traffic, the place is clean and the restrooms are sparkling.

They claim to be the “world’s largest truck stop” and who would argue?  They sell “everything” for the truck and driver, have a trucking museum on-site, a truck wash, EV chargers, barbershop, chiropractor, C-store, dog grooming, driver lounge, gift shop, laundry,  workout room, and of course showers.

If you pass thru in the summer, check out their annual Trucker’s Jamboree, a massive fun fest for drivers and the public.  This year, July 14-16. You won’t believe the pork chop cookout!  Traveling across Iowa, you’re going to stop someplace.  I-80 Truck Stop is your best bet.  It’s just a few miles into Iowa, east of the Mississippi River, coming from the Illinois side.

I tried their “competitor” across the street a few months back. Their pork tenderloin was on the best-of list from Iowa Pork Producers. Read about it here. Excellent sammich.

I-80 menu from the full service restaurant.

I-80 Truckstop Review

I-80 Truckstop Review