Paul Bunyan Cook Shanty Review – Wisconsin Dells, WI

Paul Bunyan Cook Shanty ReviewHow I love breakfast buffets, let me count the ways: bacon, sausage, ham. You (I) get to eat literally pounds of breakfast meats (if I chose) and skip the other stuff.

This joint (and a sister location upstate in Minoqua) has been serving up “lumberjack style” meals for decades. That descriptor actually refers to being served “family style,” platters of the time-appropriate dishes, eat as much as you want, request more, no sweat.

In the morning hours, for less than a sawbuck (kids pay even less), you’re gonna be offered donuts, scrambled eggs, sausage, ham, hash browns, biscuits and gravy, hot cakes, and coffee, milk, or OJ. I did some damage on the pork products, for sure. Small nitpick. The website says the meat platter also includes kielbasa, but there was none around today.

Everyone probably understands that, as due to global warming, the kielbasa harvest last year was considerably down, and this year isn’t looking like they are going to be as high as an elephant’s eye by the fourth of July either! Oh well.

The food was really excellent – fresh and hot. I dug into the eggs, skipped the taters and cakes, but the kids went for everything (except they turned up their noses at biscuits and gravy, but what do they know?)

For lunch and dinner, there are one or two specials served in “the family way” and an ala carte menu as well.

Good stuff. Crazy, energetic waitresses. Fun times.  Bakery and gift shop also on location.  Authentic “lumberjack show” next door, a couple times a day or more. The restaurants are seasonal. Details.

Paul Bunyan Cook Shanty Review

Hot fresh donuts! No Homer Price in sight!

Paul Bunyan Cook Shanty Review

Biscuits & Gravy

Paul Bunyan Cook Shanty Review

Breakfast meat, family style

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Paul Bunyan Cook Shanty Review

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