Portland, OR – Buckley’s Catch Sports Bar

Mrs. Burgerdogboy and I were on our way out to meet some folks for dinner at Wong’s King – so, as we do on occasion, we stopped to get a bit of pre-dinner and cocktails nearby.

The afternoon’s “victim” was Buckely’s Catch, a sports bar and grill in Mt. Tabor/SE.  We were just looking for a ‘cool’ place to escape Portland’s ‘heatwave’, douse the fire in my belly for something to eat after sitting through a local college graduation – and to get Mrs. BDB a bump or two.

If there is one thing Portland doesn’t have a shortage of, it’s neighborhood bars/saloons/dives, and Buckley’s fits the bill for any number of reasons.  Regular patrons, cheap drinks, and a bar food menu that is a combination of both the usual fare and in house pot cooking.  (Add to that the mound of TVs, games, a patio, and a cigarette machine!)

I could tell from the first glance that the chili mound on top of the taters was brewed up in house, and in fact, Ms. Julie confirmed this without me asking.

It’s a respectable contestant for Portland’s best chili cheese fries.  We barely made a dent before having to shuffle off to our chinese cuisine encounter.

If you’re looking for a cold quaff and some decent cheap bar food, check out Buckley’s Catch, I say.

Buckley's Catch Sports Bar Portland Oregon

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