Portland, OR – Return to the Tik Tok Diner

I love ’em.  Whether you call them dives, diners, greasy spoons, those all night places that dish up bacon and eggs 24/7?  My second home.  I have lots of favorites:  Mickey’s in St. Paul.  The Hummingbird (RIP) in New Orleans.

The Tik Tok was one of the first places we had brekky out after we moved here – bumped into it by accident while doing something else over that part of the world.

I got up at the end of the meal and told the chef his breakfast was “art.” And my opinion hasn’t changed.

No “brunch episode candidate” of Portlandia is this.

Just hearty, cooked-to-order meals (tho I have never had anything but breakfast) and on weekends?  A bloody mary bar.   Yowzers.

The occasion of this visit was the arrival of Mrs. Burgerdogboy’s sis from Los Angeles on an early morning plane, and we had kicked around going to Tasty, Eat, or Slappy Cakes, but sis wanted plain old crispy hash browns, so off we went to the Tik Tok (the outlet on SE Division).

I went with a burger patty (natch) and eggs, home fries, rye toast; Mrs. BDB went for the breakfast sandwich, and sis took up the giant biscuits and gravy with a side of deep-fried pickles.  (?!?!)

Both the ladies imbibed in the bloody mary bar, and put together some pretty fantastic adult beverages with nearly an entire salad bar in each glass.

My breakfast was superb, and it’s a great value as well.  I was happy as a pig in you know what, so I really didn’t care what the others thought!

Oh Tik Tok, land of 24/7 breakfasts, I will return again and again.

Tik Tok Diner, Portland, OR


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