Saginaw, MN – Swamp Sisters

Swamp Sisters

Swamp Sisters Restaurant

“The best burger I ever had,” claims Minnesota Burger Reporter Kawikamedia.   That’s a pretty lofty endorsement.

Swamp Sisters opened as a gift shop and retail outlet for the buffalo raised on the local farm, out in Sticksville, MN.  OK, really the nearby town is named Saginaw, and it’s 22.2 miles from downtown Duluth, as the Ford flies.

Serving food only from 8AM – 2PM, Fridays and Saturdays (and only in the summer), Swamp Sisters is your destination for delicious, ample, home cooked breakfasts and lunches.

Swamp Sisters interior

Swamp Sisters Interior

Kawikamedia and a downsized (for the day) Minnesota Burger Posse, had the buffaloburger, which was described as “very flavorful” and juicy.

They also sampled the Bonnie’s Skillet – an egg dish with tomatoes, hash browns, buffalo sausage, green pepper, mushrooms, onions.

Make a day of it – after your meal at Swamp Sisters, head on up to Grand Rapids, MN, birthplace of Francis Gumm!

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Swamp Sisters Buffalo Burger

Swamp Sisters Buffalo Burger

Swamp Sisters Skillet Breakfast

Swamp Sisters Skillet Breakfast

(All fotos by and @Kawikamedia, 2010)

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